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Amudat, a Fertile District Where People Eat Gov’t Money And Walk Away Untouched.

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By Joseph Ayolo

AMUDAT: Although president Museveni talks about fighting corruption in the government institutions, yes that could have been possible but because it has become a gospel song that only enters into Christian’s who keep on singing it without any impact in their faith, that’s how corruption is being perceived in Amudat district.

Amudat district in the north eastern Uganda is one of the 3rd born district of Karamoja followed by Napak, and Karenga district. What’s happening in this Amudat district can shock everyone if you go deeper.

This website brings you some of the corruption scandals where money has been swindled but no official has ever been arrested. The first it’s about the Shs40million which the district officials embezzled using journalists ghost SACCO how this case died no one knows.

The 3rd corruption scandal is where the district health team used primary teachers accounts to swindle money meant for  paying village health teams in the district. Although everyone knows that its fraud to channel money meant for an activity to private bank accounts but this was a case with Amudat district. The officials who did this apologized before the security committee but no arrest has been made so far.


Many other cases in the district have died a natural death something that has angered a section of the public in Amudat district. One of the officials who spoke to this website on condition of anonymity said several times the  Anticorruption team has ever reached to Amudat but they don’t do any arrest.

“These people are even able to pay off the Anti-corruption official’s  and they walk free-“he said

John Ruto from Acoricor in Amudat district says every project in Amudat are done in a poor and shoddy way but no one is questioned before he called upon government to carry out forensic audit of all the government programs in Amudat district to save the community.

“Look at the roads fully funded by government they are still untouched and money is already eaten”-he revealed.

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