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PLEASE HELP ME: Woman Accuses Gay Husband Of Sodomizing His Own Children

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The whole of February this year and the bigger part of this month so far, Homosexual discussions have dominated debate wherever you go, the same is shaping debates on radios, television, boda boda stages, inside taxis among other places.

While speaker of parliament assured Ugandans that the house she heads will soon pass the anti-homosexuality bill, 9 years after the previous one was trashed by the courts of law on quorum issues of the house that passed, a lot is at stake of it’s effectiveness due to lack of government backing.

As a result of the heated debate, many people have come out both on camera and off camera to confess about homosexuality while others have been accused and arrested by police the recent one being Madam Mukoda Lydia, a teacher at PMM girls school who was arrested alongside her female partner whom she was cohabiting with in Walukuba, a suburb in Jinja.


In a quite shocking revelations in an audio making rounds on social media, a woman who has identified herself as Sarah Nalwoga Sserugunda a teacher by profession says she’s is married to a gay husband whom she has identified as Dr Igeme Katagwa.

Nalwoga says they got married in June 2009 in Jinja, she narrates how the man started putting an unbearable behavior which prompted her to report the matter to his mother who talked to him several times and she promised her (Nalwoga) that things will be alright.

“She would talk to him, i didn’t know he was gay until so much later about four to five years into the marriage when he wanted to sodomize me, i reported the issue to the heir to his father, their father is the late bishop Nabeta”- Nalwoga says.

According to Sarah, the heir to her husband’s father is Lulume Nabeta who stays in Nairobi and he comes to Uganda once in a while and would hold several meetings with them about her husband’s unbecoming behavior.

Things totally failed to work out and she had to stay in the marriage because they had already sired three children whom the husband has continuously sodomized despite being their biological father.

Nalwoga further reveals that hell broke loose during the covid-19 lock down, his behaviour worsened to the extent that he would lock himself in the study room of their house and molest the children something she reported to the family members thinking her husband has lost his brains.

She revealed to them how the husband has raped their son Lume Igeme Katagwa whom she took for an operation in Najeera Hospital, Kampala where it was discovered that the boy had been penetrated 10 centimeters inside.

“I reported to the family members, i have a WhatsApp thread to this, i kept on telling them, i though he had lost his brains, i told them he had developed a mental break down, he raped my son Lume Igeme Katagwa, we took him for an operation in Najeera hospital, he was operated, it was discovered that he was penetrated 10 centimeters inside, we got treatment but up to now, Lume is on anti-biotics”-Nalwoga narrates the terrifying Ordeal.

This woman further says the husband went on rampage and also molested their daughter Sanyu Mbakire Nankinga who he has since taken into hiding and as a mother, she’s not aware of the whereabouts of her daughter. However, when they went to court, the husband revealed that she’s at Viva College Jinja.

The terrified mother reveals that upon thorough check ups, it was revealed that her husband was sodomized, molested and abused several times, she underwent treatment for 10 days and would later be discharged.

“In the heat up of things, i reported the things to Kibuli CID headquarters, and when i reported they dismissed us, they gave the man bond, but when they dismissed us it was like they had given him permission to molest the children more, even the third one as we speak, he has totally molested him and faecal material just runs out of his tummy”-she narrates.

She has since taken the third child too to the Najeera hospital where the first boy was treated from. Despite getting treated, the boy remains traumatized

“We got the treatment but my son is traumatized, is in very bad shape, we need urgent attention, whoever can come to our rescue, we have contacted lawyers but we need Shs8 Million to be helped out”- Nalwoga cries for help
Her appeal to the public is to help her raise legal fees or find a probono lawyer who can help her on the case and also have her children rehabilitate. Her only worry is that her security is imbalance and to her dismay despite being gay, his family seems to be supporting him and have failed to call meetings to bring their relative to order.
We are doing all possible ways to get Dr Igeme Katagwa to get his side of the story on the allegations leveled against him.
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