Kapelebyong Elders Want To Meet Museveni Over Unfulfilled Pledges

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

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By Jovia Adeke

KAPELEBYONG: A section of  elders in Kapelebyong district in Teso sub region have demanded to have a meeting with President Museveni over uncompleted projects and others  not fulfilled.

In elders meeting on Saturday, the elders listed down seven promises that the president had made but while campaigning but he has never fulfilled them.

Yosam Opolot an elder said in 2011, 2016 and 2021 campaigns, President Museveni made a lot of pledges to the people of Kapelebyong including constructing water dams, compensating the animals lost.

According to Opolot even the projects that the ministry of water  had started working on in the areas of Odukul and Napak have failed to be completed very many years  ago.

“We want a meeting with the president  as elders of Kapelebyong and express our sincerity to him interms of projects  because we are the ones to suffer,” he said.

James Akol another elder said government is busy setting up many projects in  other regions while Kapelebyong is being neglected.

“There could be something wrong going on with the offices tasked to implement these pledges and we want President Museveni to know that they have not done anything, “he said.

Mr.Francis Akorikin the district chairperson Kapelebyong district said many unfulfilled projects by government in Kapelebyong district was creating disturbance among the NRM voters.

” It’s true  all the pledges that president  museveni made during the previous campaigns have not been done and it makes us to face difficult in marketing NRM in Kapelebyong,”he said. End

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