Soroti Residents Get Piped Water After 15 Years Of Sharing Water Sources With Animals

A woman Fetching Water From The Newly Installed Community Tap In Tubur Town Council- PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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By Steven Ariong

Residents of Tubur town council and Atiba in Tubur sub counties, Dakabela county in Soroti district have finally got access to clean piped water after 15 years of sharing water with animals  despite, government’s efforts through ministry of water and environment injecting Shs2.9 billion constructing a solar pump water to serve the community.

The system which was constructed 15 years back had remained idle without functioning due to the failure by the contractor to install solar panels to pump water to the tank and water  distributed to different locals and community.

The system was constructed by  Zhongaho overseas construction contractor in 2012 but failed to complete it until December last year when the ministry of water and environment moved in to solve the problem.


The connection of water now to the affected areas of Tubur town council and its surroundings was due to the pressure from the media which had continued highlighting the suffering of the people of Tubur sub county which they were going through.

Betty Akiteng ,a resident of Atiba trading centre says the piped water in their area is now a big relief to especially women and school going children children who have been plying long distances to look for water.

A woman Fetching Water From The Newly Installed Community Tap In Tubur Town Council- PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

“We have been suffering and our children have not been performing well from school due to walking long distance in search of water to drink”- Akiteng says.

John Otim the LC1 Chairperson of Tubur ward A says the connection of  piped water  now gives them pride that they are part of Museveni’s government.

“It was something shocking imagine a project of Shs2.9 billion had remained idle for 15 years anyway we are happy that the facility is now working,” Otim says

However, Bob Owiny the district councilor representing Tubur sub county urged the ministry to extend the pipes to the nearby government institutions such as Schools and health units.

“We have schools such as Tubur primary school, Achuna primary, Aparisa primary school, children walk several  kilometers to the spring well drinking water so government needs now to connect these institutions with water,”-Owiny appeals.

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