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Shock As Woman Gifts Expensive Coffin To Boyfriend

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Kenyan lady has amazed many after presenting a coffin worth ksh 200,000 as a gift to his one of the boy friends as new details emerge. Drama has ensued in one of Nairobi’s estates after a man has come out of the his house screaming on receiving bad gift from his girlfriend Jambi Mutira.

Speaking Obonyo who has been rolling on a mercedez has said that he was shocked seeing a coffin dropped from her lovers V8 and that he never expected such a gift from her. Obonyo says “She came carrying a coffin as a birthday gift. I felt weak and could not speak but I am glad that have known her intentions.”

In what has attracted Obonyo’s neighbors, Kirimi one of the neighbors has informed that its an abomination to be presented a coffin during birthday and that he needs to get the whole truth of what that meant.

On calling Dr Mugwenu via his contact +254740637248, the Doctor has explained to Obonyo informing him that there is a very big secret behind the coffin and that should he have touched or agreed to pick the coffin, then that would mark the end of his Job, end of his family, he would become poor but would not die.

This is shocking but also with somebody who understands much the meaning of such like Dr Mugwenu. Then, everything will run smoothly. Dr Mugwenu is able to do away with Bad Omen, Heal Curses and Interprete Bad and Good Dreams. So don’t hesitate call him via +254740637248 and get helped.

Dr Mugwenu does not sell information out without your consent and ensures that all that happens is discrete. Call Dr Mugwenu and get helped today, get a job today, heal disease like Blood Pressure, Athritis today. CALL NOW +25474063724

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