Nabilatuk RDC Intensifies Fight Against Charcoal Burning


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By Steven Ariong

NABILATUK :The resident district commissioner Nabilatuk district Ms Jacinta Ayoo has intensified operations against cutting down of trees for charcoal burning with the aim to rescue the depleting environment in the district.

On Wednesday together with the security team, Ayoo arrested a lorry truck fully loaded with about 200bags of charcoal leaving the district heading to Kampala. She also discovered a hidden area where the charcoal  dealers had created their store in the bush where they had kept up to 7,000 bags of charcoal ready to be transported to Kampala.


Speaking to this website RDC Ayoo said the rate at which locals with the aid of people from Kampala, Jinja,Iganga and Kamuli are cutting down trees in the district was causing a security threat to the lives of other people in the district.

Locals Load Charcoal Impounded By Police-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

“They cut down trees massively for charcoal burning without rethinking of their lives ahead,” noted RDC Ayo.

She has further vowed to end charcoal burning in the district using a presidential directive which was recently issued to all the RDCs across the county on the need to protect the environment noting that some leaders were supporting the cutting down of trees but warned them the law under Environmental act will punish them.

Paul Lokol the district chairperson Nabilatuk district urged government to come up with vital  projects that can help to pull out the masses from charcoal burning.

“We all dont support cutting down trees because it affects soil fertility but then most households survive on charcoal burning which we request government  to come up with projects that can help these disgruntled groups,” he advised.

Lokol says they are arranging to start mass sensitization to the community to appreciate the importance of protecting the environment noting that people supporting charcoal burning come from outside Karamoja. Lokol also advised government to reduce the price of gas and electricity to reduce the pressure on cutting down trees for charcoal.

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