Environmental Activists Hail Nabilatuk RDC For Fighting Charcoal Burning


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By Steven Ariong

NABILATUK: The resident district commissioner Nabilatuk Ms Jacinta Ayoo has received a gold of praises from the Karamoja environmental promoters over her intensified fight against tree cutting for charcoal burning.

The RDC early this week launched a serious operation with the armed soldiers and police against charcoal burning in the district, where she arrested a truck loaded with over 200 bags of charcoal heading to Kampala.

She also together with her team discovered a hidden area where the charcoal burners were using as stores for 7,000 bags of charcoal ready to be transported.

RDC Ayo During One Of The Operations-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

Speaking to this publication, a no nonsense Ayoo said she will use the directive from the president against environmental destruction to end tree cutting in Nabilatuk.

Grace Akidi a resident of Abim district has since named RDC Ayoo mama environment almost a similar name that was given to Betreace  Anywar now the state minister for environment when she protested against the giving away of Mabira forest to investors, Anywar was named mama Mabira.


“How I wish all the RDCs from Karamoja could borrow a leaf from RDC Nabilatuk, Karamoja’s environment would be saved,” says Akidi

Merab Nakut another environment activists in Nakapiripirit district said the rate at which trees were being cut for charcoal burning was to high.

“I have a believe that by the next ten years, There will be no single tree in Karamoja if the authorities don’t help to join hands to fight tree cutting in the region,”Nakut noted.

Another resident, Gabriel Munyes hailed RDC Ayoo saying she’s the first RDC women in Karamoja to launch a serious operation against tree cutting for charcoal burning.

“Our dear RDC we are behind you please continue, dont succumb  to intimidation by some leaders let’s move on and save our environment,” says Munyes.

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