Bukwo Residents Lose Hope As Police Sits On 70 Corruption Cases

A list Of Some Cases Residents Accuse Police Of Sitting On- PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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By Steven Ariong

BUKWO: Police’s image in Bukwo district and the region at large has come under scrutiny from the public after the institution which is mandated to enforce law and order failed to prosecute a single officer out of 70 cases registered with all the evidence of  corruption.

According to list of cases seen by this publication noted that 40 files of the 70 involved embezzlement of NUSAF,EYOOGA, Road funds, Youth Livelihood program and Parish development model worth billions of shillings.

In February this year the minister for Local government Rapheal Magyezi visited the district and got disturbed after seeing the mess and corruption in the district.


He immediately  interdicted the chief administrative officer Swaibu Balaba and assured the locals that officers responsible for corruption will be arrested and punished but nothing has since been done.

In February this very year, State minister for economic  planning  then Peter Ogwang  also visited the district and ranked Bukwo to be the most corrupt district in the entire country, he also threatened to deal with corrupt officials but all in vain.

A list Of Some Cases Residents Accuse Police Of Sitting On- PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

In March the state house anti-corruption unit visited the district and photocopied all the files which police had completed with their investigations but since but it all remained silent.

Early this month, inspectorate of government team also visited the district and got shocked with the corruption in the district.

The team went to Kabei primary school and checked on a pit latrine which was claimed to have costed Shs28million after the team going back to Kampala unknown people went and destroyed the latrine to kill evidence.

With all the mess at hand, people in Bukwo say there is absolutely no need for president Museveni and his government to talk about corruption in the country anymore.

Moses Kibet of the anti-corruption monitors in Bukwo district said he participated helping police with all the vital information about the abuse of public office by officials in the district but nothing was done and none was punished.

“The same person accused of corruption  is the same person buying food for police detectives and they move together,” said Kibet.

Magey Chemusto another resident said every civil servant in Bukwo be it police, soldiers and the district officials including councilors are corrupt.

“The only way government can curb corruption in Bukwo and Uganda is getting tight like the way they always  supervise UNEB and PLE examinations,” She narrated.

Joel Mangat another resident say they dont even have interest of reporting any case to police because the presence of police in Bukwo and Sebei has not done any help for the people of the region

“These officers are well trained on how to kill cases than how to investigate and prosecute  criminals,” said Mangat.

However, Samuel Hashaka Impimbaza the then resident district commissioner of Bukwo district says he had also made several write ups and reports including state house about corruption in Bukwo but no action has since been made.

“As we speak right now, the corrupt officials of Bukwo have ganged up against me and they are pushing me to be removed from Bukwo simply because I have joined the community to fight corruption,” said Hashaka

But Mark Chesang the police spokesperson for Sipi region says most of the corruption cases are being handled by the Kampala headquarters and urged the public to be patient.

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