REVEALED: Why Uganda Abstained from Crucial Vote Concerning Russia’s Invasion in Ukraine

Ambassador Adonia Ayebare

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Ambassador Adonia Ayebare

Yesterday at the UN general assembly Uganda was among the 35 countries who abstained from taking part in a crucial vote of condemning Russia of it’s aggression in Ukraine.

It’s now a week since Russia invaded Ukraine in what she claims as de-militarizing and de-nazifying of Ukraine, over half million people have since fled Ukraine to the neighboring countries of Hungary and Poland. Several have been killed during battles for strategic cities like Kharkiv and Kiev.

Several countries have condemned Russia’s attack in Ukraine, others have tied sanctions on Russia banks, business and Airlines from going through their air spaces, World governing bodies of football, athletics and football have all banned Russian teams from major competitions.

Notably Museveni and his son also commander land forces Muhoozi Keinerugaba have also supported Russia for invading Ukraine.

The United Nations which kept quiet as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was wreaking havoc in Libya against Gadhafi is up in arms reacting to end the Russian invasion in Ukraine and even held a crucial vote where 135 member states who sit on the UN general assembly, 135 countries voted in favor of condemning Russian aggression, 5 voted No to the motion while 35 including Uganda abstained since they beneficiaries of saying No and Saying Yes for purposes of acting neutral.

Now as many Ugandans are asking why Uganda abstained from voting, Ambassador Adonia Ayebare who represents Uganda at the UN General Assembly has revealed why it was necessary for Uganda not to take part.

According to ambassador Adonia, Uganda decided to act neutral because she’s the incoming chair of the Non- aligned Movement ahead of the Summit which Uganda is hosting early next year and has already partnered with business magnate Sudhir Ruparelia to construct the UGshs140 billion conference that will host the event.

“Uganda Abstained on the UN General Assembly vote on the Ukraine Crisis. As incoming Chair of the Non- aligned Movement (NAM) NEUTRALITY is key. Uganda will continue to play a constructive role in the maintenance of peace and security both regionally and globally”- tweeted Adonia

After the crucial vote at the UN General Assembly, Museveni today met with the Russian Ambassodor to Uganda H.E Vladlen Semivolos and they are said to have discussed matters of mutual interest.


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