China-Uganda Launch Innovation Competitions At UIRI’s Skilling And Development Centre

Engineers at the launch of the China Uganda Engineers competition

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China support in Uganda has been evident in such developments as the establishment of UIRI’s Machining Manufacturing Industrial Skilling and Development Centre at Namanve Industrial Park.

On March 3, 2022 this initiative was taken to another level as the China – Uganda Technical Skills Development and Innovation Competition was Launched at UIRI ‘ Machining Manufacturing Industrial Skilling and Development Centre.

The competition which is set to take place this month between Ugandan and Chinese engineers will engage the Uganda Industrial Research Institute and Chinese Institutions including Huanggang Polytechnic College and Sichuan College of Architectural Technology.

Four projects, each for Conventional Lathe, CNC machining, Welding, and Automatic control with PLC, will be undertaken by the engineers during the competition. Each project will be awarded according to which team of engineers emerge as first, second and third.

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