VIDEO: Arch Bishop Ntagali on His Knees for Bonking and Impregnating a Priest’s Wife


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Ntagali and Judith

Early this year after elections, media was a wash of news about former church of Uganda Arch bishop Stanley Ntagali for infidelity and chewing a priest’s wife in the coldest areas of Kabale. The sitting arch Bishop Dr Stephen Kazimba Mugalu raised the red flag for his predecessor for breaking the religion and marriage vows.

While delivering the exposee, Mugalu reiterated that the the Global Anglican Future Conference decided in unison to suspend the Ntagali for his involvement in Adultery. Preliminary reports indicated that Ntagali did not only cheat on his wife Beatrice but also impregnated a lady who is identified Judith Tukamuhabwa and the two have a child soon making two years.

It’s also reported that Grace before serving her beans to the tempted man of God Ntagali had just married Married Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe in a pompous wedding. Rev Christopher is a lecturer at Bishop Burham University college. Prior to their rocky marriage, Christopher also snatched Judith from a little known ‘nkuba kyeyo’.

This was a big blow to Ntagali whom the Church of Uganda and Christians had looked to for inspiration but none the less the man of God is also human bound to temptations of such juicy and curvaceous ladies like Judith who is reported to have been engaged in marital issues with her husband Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe.

Judith and her husband Rev Christopher

After several months of prayer and fasting, the Arch Bishop emeritus Ntagali while speaking at St Paul’s cathedral Namirembe as church marked 60 years has from the bottom of his heart apologized to his wife Beatrice Abwooli Ntagali, the side dish Judith and her husband Christopher for the mess and asked for forgiveness to focus on eternity.

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