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PAUL MUGOYA: Why Ugandans Remain Quiet When The Country Is Being Looted And Plundered.

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Its a shame when the country is being looted, plundered and devoured by just a few mortal beings while Ugandans decide to keep quiet as though nothing is happening. Big shame! Now why should we complain of poverty, no medicine in government hospitals, etc.

I call upon every Ugandan to stand up against corruption, and say no. Corruption is evil and is killing you and you nation. I call upon our Army, Police, Prisons, the Intelligence community, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Sub County Leaders, Workers, Farmers, RDCs, CAOs, LCVs, Councillors, MPs, Jua kali Workers, Boda Bodas, Drivers and the Mothers of our children, PSs, Ministers, the President of our Country, to wake up and say no to corruption, Uganda “egwawo.”

There is a yelling disparity of salaries for our men in uniform, who earn just 600K while some few over-privileged people go home with 400 million a week. The salaries have to be revised and realigned. This is dangerous.

How can teachers survive on 300-400K a month? This means even a potter digging in someone’s garden earns more. Look at Nigeria, a bigger economy than East Africa, with plenty of oil because the economy is riddled with corruption, it has stagnated and people are walloping in poverty.

Sometimes there is a scarcity of petro-filling pumps. Did you know that Nigeria is the biggest black African producer of oil? So don’t get excited with our small oil revenues when corruption levels remain this high.

Gen. Muhoozi even cautioned us from electing corrupt leaders. He said this in Masaka. I appeal to Ugandans to get a book and begin compiling names of those they suspect to be corrupt. Please do not be afraid, save yourself and your country, and be brave like Mr. Burora, Mr. Sentongo, Ms. Atuhaire, Mr.Toko, and Gen. Muhoozi.

Don’t worry, there will be a day for accountability. Our President should as much as possible avoid inaugurating projects or properties that have been ill-gotten using stolen public money.

This can have serious implications in the public eye, and I’m getting worried as a citizen that if nothing is done now with this endemic corruption, we easily can slide into anarchy like our neighbors in DRC and Sudan. Acute depravity together with income disparity is a time bomb.

Paul Polly Mugoya, a concerned citizen.

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