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PAUL MUGOYA: Some Of The Uncertainties That Have Made President Museveni Not Allow A Power Transition

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One of the uncertainties that could have made President Museveni the invincible and indefatigable freedom fighter fearful of serving only a two-term limits, was his fear of being prosecuted when his two term ended.

This prompted him to remove term and age limits that always had dogged him in fear of being arraigned before the Court Marshall . It is that fear that has made him cling on to power for this long. And this has made him go against the reality he had earlier correctly analyzed and mentioned in his first inaugural speech in 1986.

He feared to be prosecuted for war crimes committed during his long protracted Revolutionary struggle. In his 1986 speech, he had nipped in the bud one of the main real causes of political instability in Africa, the overstay in Power.

Things are now being done with courageous impunity with no shyness and we in Bugisu who embraced the Revolution earlier than anybody else, have got nothing in return. There is nothing to show around as an appreciation for having supported Mr. Museveni and his Revolution. Not even a small Airport.

Today, a reshuffle has taken place, all Ministerial slots retained are State Ministers. We expecting to be rewarded with a bigger position like a full Cabinet Minister or Governor of Bank Uganda. Back to history, our great leaders in Bugisu died in vain.

People like Major Masaba, Namirundu, Maumbe Mukhwana, Wepukhulu Mukhwana, Nandala Buyinza, and Natoro Masaba, who hosted Mr. Museveni during bush struggle, the Mukhwana family and many others. In 1986, he said, I quote, “The main problem in Africa is when people come to power, they do not want to leave.”

The same diabolical challenge has come to haunt Mr. Museveni. Indeed he has also fallen in the same trap by eating his own words. The truth of the matter, the struggle has been hijacked and transformed into Musevenism and his own interests, as he one day said, in Hoima during Heros Day, that “I’m not your servant.” That he fought for himself and his family.

As a human being, Mr. Museveni must have fears and threats like anyone else which is why he feels more vulnerable and weak if he leaves power. His fears and mistrust can be seen in his protection units which are larger than life.

And given the accusations and threats from some of his radical opponents who continue to threaten that once he lost power, they would take him to the Court Marshall to make him answerable for war, human rights crimes and also threats to confiscate his accumulated wealth which as they allege can go in millions of dollars which he Mr. Museveni himself has not publicly refuted but instead has bragged about as being the richest person in Uganda.

As such, I presume Mr. Museveni has been strategically planning to ensure that he insulates himself from the mentioned fears and threats, as a result he has positioned his son in the rightful place, now gives him an assured guarantee for a soft landing when he decides to leave power.

We do not know which one outweighs the other, the fears for his life, his property or the other unknown reasons that have made him overstay and get stuck in power for this long. Now that Gen. Muhoozi has been fixed in the rightful place, I think Mr. Museveni’s sleepless nights will end because now there is someone he trusts and one who can insulate him in case of trouble.

Another factor is the human phenomenon of age, I think the reason why it took so long for President Museveni to stay in power is now understandable. This is the time he has been waiting for to start a transition.

With Gen. Muhoozi just a step away from the seat of power, with now a very powerful reinforced CDF, the position with some of the powers of the CIC delegated to the CDF, I see Gen. Muhoozi reforming the army, modernizing and purging corrupt officers in preparation for his Presidency between now and 2026. The strengthened position of CDF can also catapult him into power as the new Military Head of State.

Paul Polly Mugoya, Concerned Citizen And A Transformer.

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