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After Ditching Bobi Wine, Asuman Basalirwa Joins Another Opposition Coalition Ahead of 2026

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After failed bids to enter in parliament, JEEMA president Asuman Basalirwa banked on the then raising Bobi Wine’s people power movement which indeed delivered him to the Parliament in 2018 as the MP for Bugiri Municipality beating FDC’s Eunice Namatende and NRM’s Francis Oketcho.

Basalirwa would often be seen with Bobi Wine, people power as he secured position in the 10th parliament. He again won in 2021 but unlike before he started distancing from Bobi Wine. He once rubbed shoulders with Besigye who even launched the Red Card Campaign at his JEEMA offices in Mengo.


In the wake of the Anti-Homosexuality bill which himself [Basalirwa] tabled before parliament and had the government’s nod leading to it’s passing and signed into law by president Museveni, Basalirwa further distanced himself from NUP and it’s environs.

While appearing in an exclusive interview on BBC last year making a return to London after almost 10 years, Bobi Wine when asked about the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 revealed that the law was put in place to fight the opposition especially him. He further said the law has now been turned into a political tool used against him and his comrades in the opposition.

This didn’t go well with Asuman Basalirwa who said no word but kept his cards close to his chest ahead of the 2026 general elections.

Early this year, opposition held a joint press conference during the Non Aligned movement Summit in January this year and outlined a list of activities they would be doing together. Major Parties that came together in this joint opposition gig were FDC’s Katonga Faction, an offcut of DP led by Lulume Bayiga, Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform, Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation.

These had announced several activities which were booted by police and non took place especially the planting of banana’s in Kampala roads, joint prayers in Iganga and Lira and they revealed they would announced new arrangements which haven’t yet been announced.

As Bobi Wine, Besigye, Muntu are cohabiting ahead of the 2026 general elections, Asuman (JEEMA) Basalirwa, Joseph Kabuleta (NEED), Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku, Lulume Bayiga are also forging a coalition that will eventually lead to the next general election.

Others in this coalition dubbed PARTIES TOGETHER  are Kenny Lukyamu’s CP, PDP, SDP and PDP. The coalition is headed by DP Block’s Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku.

In documents seen by this publication, these have a year long cocktail of political activities which they’re staging in different regions. The events are dubbed BIG TENT EVENTS/ REGIONAL LEADERS’ CAUCUSES. The inaugural event of this type happened yesterday at Nsambya Sharing Hall.

The other events will happen on 28th March 2024 at Masaka Recreational grounds for the greater Masaka region, Hoima Boma Grounds on 25th April for the Bunyoro region, Wobulenzi sports grounds on 16th May for the Greater Luwero, 20th June in Arua for the West Nile region, Buwama sports Arena on 18th July for the greater Mpigi, 15th August at Kakindu Stadium Jinja and Bugiri Sports grounds for Busoga region.

Opposition has for many times tried opposition coalitions for Uganda’s general elections which have turned into a periodic ritual to renew Museveni’s grip to power with opposition claiming vote rigging among other things.

Besigye tried with the Inter Party Coalition (IPC) in 2011, The Democratic Alliance (TDA) which suffered still birth but ditched Besigye and handed the ticket to John Patrick Amama Mbabazi in 2016, due to the nature of the 2021 general elections, opposition didn’t front a joint candidate but sources say Besigye, Muntu, and Bobi Wine are working out on the Forum for Uganda National Democratic Alliance (FUNDA) which will front Bobi Wine as their joint candidate.

All signs indicate Museveni is coming back in 2026 to extend his grip to power to 45 years, he launched the NRM register exercise at the party headquarters on Tuesday this week in preparation for the 2026 general elections.

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