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What Museveni Has Told Besigye And Bobi Wine To Stop Doing Immediately

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A cloud of sorrow continues to hoover above the home of the Late Cecilia Ogwal and the entire Lango region which she had represented in parliament for a whooping 28 years since the early 1990s.

Her body landed on Sunday 21st at Entebbe Airport aboard a Fly Emirates cargo plane from India. A special parliamentary session was help to pay tribute to her and later her body remained at parliament for a night vigil before it was taken to All Saints Cathedral Nakasero for service.


Among the many people who paid tribute to the fallen veteran politician, is President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who attended the vigil at parliament on Monday night. He praised Ogwal and encouraged other opposition politicians to emulate her. According to Museveni, Cecilia Ogwal remained steadfast against those who sought to undermine his government.

President Museveni further said the deceased legislator also rejected politics driven by animosity something which as also echoed by Democratic Party president Norbert Mao who officially joined the Museveni government and now working as minister of justice and constitutional affairs.

“Notable figures such as Jimmy Akena and Betty Amongi have rejected the politics of hatred. Even my former adversary, who once sought to remove me from power, and i have found common ground. Mao and the Democratic Party have also distanced themselves from politics of division”-said Museveni.

The president who didn’t mince his words highlighted that the politics of hatred persisted among a small faction within Uganda whom he stated were well known and had attempted to sabotage the summits that the country hosted since last week.

He was referring to the Joint Forces of Change who had planned protests in Kampala and other parts of the country to express their dissatisfaction over the poor state of roads in the city and else where in the country. They were also set to hold joint prayers in Iganga and Lira early this week but all plans were thwarted by Museveni’s military and police.

“Everyone is aware of them. Thy even attempted to undermine the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit. The NAM Summit is not about me, and they are not responsible for tending to my cattle. What have they done for me? Promoting our country to foster better understanding is that a bad thing”-he questioned.

Museveni further stated that he disagreed with those who sought to sabotage the summits, which he believed were valuable opportunities for Uganda as a nation.

Police and army deployed heavily at th home of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Dr Kiiza Besigye and that of Bobi Wine until yesterday when they removed the brocades and called back the deployed cops.

But Bobi Wine didn’t wait to be allowed to move out of his home, he last Friday escaped from house detention and was seen in the city planting banana suckers as earlier planned and has been a large as police searched to take him back to detention and also charge him for planting banana suckers in the roads.

Bobi Wine on return to his home made another call to protest against the bad roads and release of political prisoners and those who were abducted and have never been seen again for the last two years. They’re not in any known prison and are not in their homes.

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