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KATANGA MURDER: Court Now Orders For Arrest Of Molly Bananukye From Her Hospital Bed

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On 2nd November 2023, business man and tycoon Henry Kantanga died under unclear circumstances by shooting at his Mbuya mansion in Nakawa division. Several suspects including Katanga’s daughter Patricia, a Doctor and a Shamba boy were arrested and remanded to Luzira prisons until now the latest being Martha Nkwanzi who had skipped court severally but was also forcefully arraigned in court and also remanded.

Since the death of her husband, Molly Katanga has been lodged at IHK hospital where she’s said to have gone through several surgeries and has never appeared in court despite criminal summons issued on her name.


The Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court on Monday issued an arrest warrant against Molly Katanga after she failed to respond to multiple court summons requiring her to appear and answer charges related to her husband Henry Katanga.

Chief Magistrate Elias Kakooza ordered the police to locate Molly Katanga and forcefully bring her to court by February 12, 2024 sighting that medical reports presented by lawyers in court did not adequately explain the extent of her injuries to the court.

He further noted that if Molly is truly ill, the courts and prisons have mechanisms of handling sick patients. Additionally, she could apply for bail before the high court based on her medical condition.

Court now contends the same narrative like that of Katanga’s mother Mirieli Kyobuhoro,91 years who hired top city Lawyers headed by former Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana, Paul Kutesa and Frank Kanduho to see to it that she gets justice for her murdered son.

In her December letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions Jane Francis Abodo, Mirieli stated that then that Martha Nkwanza and her mother Molly Katanga Bananukye be transferred from IHK to Luzira prisons. She further said that if indeed the patients are sick, prisons would advise otherwise but have better medical facilities to take care of the two.

Since her demands, Martha who had also lodged at IHK over her newly born baby whom sh was lactating has since been forcefully brought to court and it’s only her mother Molly Bananukye Katanga who is still lodging at the city hospital over injuries which some say are self-inflicted.

The court now seeks Molly’s presence to join her daughters, Martha Nkwanzi Katanga and Patricia Kakwanza who have since been committed to the high court for their alleged involvement in their father’s murder on November 2, 2023 at the family home on Chwa II road in Nakawa division. This follows the completion of police investigations. They have now been told to apply for bail from the high court.

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