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MONEY HEIST: How Four Police Officers Stole Billions Of Cash From Party Treasurer In Bedroom

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Today’s police presser unveiled a few facts about how money which was initially reported as Shs400m and later Shs3billion stolen from NRM’s party treasurer Barbara Nekesa Oundo former Ugandan Ambassador to South Africa.

According to police, at least 12 people including four police officers have  been arrested for masterminding the robbery of Shs2.4billion from the bedroom of NRM party treasurer. The incident which happened on December 5 in Kyeyitabya zone, Bukasa parish in Makindye division has left tongues waging

Police reveals that the plan was hatched by their junior officer Constable Micheal Wango, a police guard at Nekesa’s home for the past one and half years who had during his stay been able to detect that his boss always kept huge sums of money in bags at home in US dollars and Ugandan shillings.


Tired of poverty as his boss continued stacking cash in her bed room, Wango hatched a plan together with other people including Pallaso (not the musician) and they stole the money after threatening the naïve ambassador Nekesa.

“Wango hatched a plan with four other police officers including Sgt Idro Dominiiiic, PC Sharif Mugoya, together with Arinda Edgar and Nuwagaba Rogers,” police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said on Monday.

The plan was later executed by Wango, Mugoya, Arinda and a one Pallaso (not the musician) who was a replacement for Sgt Rogers Nuwagaba who after participating in the planning, chickened out of the mission.

“To avoid detection, PC Wango who was the mastermind disabled the alarm system which was controlled and monitored by other guards at the main gate and also disconnected the electric fence. He adjusted the security lights around the area earmarked for entry and adjusted the CCTV cameras to avoid capturing footages and pictures in the direction of his accomplices”-Enanga said.

Enanga father reveals that on the night of December 4th at around 10pm, Mugoya, Arinda and Pallaso were helped to enter Nekesa’s compound where they waited until 4am to orchestrate the mission.

“They didn’t know had been captured by CCTV camera in the neighborhood while entering. In order to disguise the robbery, they inflicted controlled injuries on head of Wango Micheal who was on guard. They also picked two riffles which were in his possession”-said Enanga

The suspects who by now knew everything at home proceeded to the servants quarters were they found three maid and forced them to open the doors of the main house where Nekesa was staying.

She was however found hiding in one of the rooms after being alerted by one of the maids. The attackers later threatened to harm Nekesa, forcing her to open the door and lead them to where money is kept.

The suspects carried the loot in five bags which were full of cash”-Enanga further revealed.

They also stole an iPhone Promax, a golden ring, DVR for the CCTV camera system, Tecno phone, Huawei phone and the two police guns they later dumped in one of the gardens. The suspects are said to have hid first in one of the banana plantations around but were forced to flee this hiding place when one of the local guards flashed a torch.

They left some bag full of money while running and later boarded their getaway motorcycle up to to Nsambya police with two bags where as Pallaso boarded another motorcycle with the third bag.

On reporting to police, the NRM treasurer said Shs41 million belonging to her and Shs2.4 billion belonging to her husband and businessman, Hajji Suleiman Lumolo had been stolen

When time for sharing the loot came, Mugoya started sharing from the two bags while at Nsambya police barracks in which Shs220Million was kept for Wango Micheal, Shs20million meant for Wango’s bail in case he is charged in couRt.

“The Shs220 million was handed to his uncle Basoma Emmanuel who traveled from Namutumba to Nsambya barracks to pick the money”-Enanga said. He also noted that Shs200million was given to Edgar Arinda whereas the Boda boda rider, Josh Kalinda was given Shs20million for riding the getaway motorcycle. Sgt Nuwagaba who chickened out of the mission after participating in it’s planning was given Shs8million

Sharif Mugoya kept Shs220million for himself. However, Samuel Opio Obote, a casual laborer at one of the homes nearing Nekesa’s home while grazing goats landed on an unspecified amount of money, an empty bag and a police uniform

“He got money and put it in a makeshift container where he was sleeping. He started drinking and spending lavishly, prompting his boss to notice. On checking Opio’s room, his boss realized a huge sum of money and picked some”-Enanga further revealed.

He noted that another man identified some of the remaining money while Opio handed the remaining cash to a relative Patrick Abinye who later took and him in Lugazi. Following the arrest, only two bags of cash were accounted for, while Pallaso is on the run with another bag whereas the two other bags of cash are unaccounted for.

Enanga said the 12 have been charged with aggravated robbery, receiving and retaining stolen money, and being an accessory after the fact of robbery. They have since been remanded to Luzira as the hunt for a one Pallaso is ongoing.

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