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BIG STORY: Bobi Wine Declares Bid To Challenge Museveni In 2026

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National Unity Platform boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was the main face of opposition in the last election of 2021 and he took his campaign trail almost to every district in Uganda. This had a return on investment as Buganda and Busoga overwhelmingly voted for him sending signs of Go home to the incumbent president.

Museveni won with a whooping 6,042,898 votes which represented 58.38% while Bobi Wine pulled 3,631,437 which represented 35.08% as the other candidates John Katumba alias Katumba Oyee, Willy Mayambala, Fred Mwesigye, Henry Tumukunde, Joseph Kabuleta, Nancy Kalembe all independent shared the remaining valid votes with Mugisha Muntu of the Alliance for National Transformation, Patrick Oboi Amuriat of the forum for Democratic Change and Norbert Mao of the Democratic Party.


Museveni claimed his votes were stolen by the opposition especially in Central as Bobi Wine who says he won the vote by a clear percentage ran to the supreme court to challenge the election but would later withdraw the petition claiming he was taking it to the court of the people.

Bobi Wine was treated to a violent campaign trail and some times surviving bullets as security operatives turned the barrel of the gun to the people. Hell broke loose when he was arrested in Luuka district and protests broke out in Kampala and other major towns in Uganda, in the two days of the protests over 50 were killed and 100s injured.

As 2026 draws closer, several people have already started showing signs and symptoms of vying for the top seat. Among these is the FDC Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Besigye’s Wife Winnie Byanyima currently serving as the UNAIDs Boss and president Museveni himself who recently people are forcing him to stand again in 2026. In 2026, it will be 40 years of Museveni and will be seeking to extend the same to 45.

Now as those interested in the country’s top job, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has hinted to taking another trial on president Museveni in the next general election despite buying into the reality that ballots himself [Museveni] organizes can’t send him home to Rwakyitura from presidency.

Bobi Wine who is currently in the US secured an interview with CNN and during this, he emphasised the significance of a free and fair electoral process reiterating his determination to bring about change in Uganda as he vowed to bring an end to Museveni’s four decade grip to power.

“My music opened my eyes and those of the masses, especially the youth, leading me into trouble. But it was good trouble. Music has always been my platform to communicate”-he stated.

Kyagulanyi explained that his music allowed him to connect with people and played a crucial role in his decision to enter politics.

“We will continue to challenge General Museveni through every available constitutional means. By 2026, if we haven’t removed him from power, we will challenge him to a free a and fair election”-Bobi Wine declared.

The pop star was this time careful with his choice of words as his last interview with BBC received widespread condemnation as he openly said he’s not homosexual but respects choices of people including those minority groups. It took him another turn while back in Uganda to explain what he meant while speaking to the BBC in London.

It remains a question how and whether the opposition will bless Bobi Wine as a joint candidate to challenge the four decade Museveni rule or each opposition party will stand on it’s own to take the bull by it’s horns.

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