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VIDEO: New Details Reveal How ‘Commander’ Sobi Met His Brutal Death

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Famous criminal and notorious robber Paddy Serunjoji alias Sobi died under brutal circumstances early this week as he commanded a group of youths he picked from Kisenyi Kampala to guard a contested piece of land in Madu sub-county in Gomba district.

The incident took place Monday afternoon in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu sub-county, Gomba district as residents armed with stones, machetes and sticks hacked him to death together with other two youths whom he was commanding accusing him of forcefully acquiring land.

Confirming Sobi’s death late in the evening of Monday this week, Katonga police spokesperson SP Majib Karim note the challenges in obtaining accurate details surrounding the incident. Unconfirmed reports which have also been revealed in a video we have attached in this story hint at multiple causalities though only Sobi was officially confirmed being a famous figure.

“Preliminary findings suggest that around 12:30p today, on a land belonging to Kalisa in Kibale vllage, Kigumba parish, Madu sub-county, Gomba district, a group of 50 people armed with sticks, pangas and spears attacked another group, resulting in the death of one person,”-SP Karim said

The dispute revolved around land owned by one Kalisa, purchased in 2007 for shillings 100 million, with an outstanding balance of Shs80millio left unpaid by Kalisa after the demie of the seller, Paul Kibi. Allegedly hired by Kalisa to protect the disputed land, Sobi’s group destroyed crops on the land, sparking tension with Kibi’s children, Deborah Nagadya and Bartin Kiwewa, presenting a legitimate title deed that Kalisa had not settled the balance for.


For starters, Sobi was a renowned armed Robber who confessed on Camera that he kills people while executing his theft missions under his gang dubbed Kifesi. He would later be recruited in the security circles especially the Internal Security Organization (ISO) under state house and would sometimes be seen with guns. His long time friend Bobi Wine accuses him of being used to abduct over 50 NUP supporters of which some were returned while some went journeys of no return.

Police has since arrested several people to answer questions regarding Sobi’s death. He was laid to rest on Wednesday amidst protests from Family members who cursed the church for refusing to hold send off prayers for their loved one.

In the video below, a young man who was part of the gang that Sobi was leading on the fateful day recounts the attack that claimed the life of their boss ‘commander Sobi’.

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