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Teso, Karamoja Locals Want Projects Under Ministry Of Agriculture  Be Investigated

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TESO/ KARAMOJA: Concerned leaders of Teso and  Karamoja region have demanded for special investigations to be carried out on the projects directly being implemented by the ministry of Agriculture in the two regions. Speaking to this publications the locals say they have failed to realize any tangible results from the projects under ministry of Agriculture across the two regions.
Bosco Opolot from Ngora district says the office of the prime minister needs to streamline the activities of the ministry of Agriculture saying they are being confused seeing ministry of Agriculture also going and do unplanned activities in the project already done by ministry of water and environment.
Geraldo Nabeshe from Kibuku district says they were so shocked to seen workers from the ministry of Agriculture spending the whole night slash a bushy and abandoned irrigation project when they learnt that the president was going to tour Bukedi region.
“As locals we are seeing a lot of mess from the ministry of Agriculture and we need investigations team to take up the projects under ministry of Agriculture,”he requested

Gabriel Teko from Moroto wandered why government has continued trusting ministry of Agriculture to implement huge projects in Karamoja. Gabriel says most of the  projects such as dams and animal holding grounds and cattle markets which were  fully funded and expected to have been completed since 2019 when the project  was launched have remained uncompleted while other sites have been deserted by the contractors under ministry of Agriculture over unknown reasons.

This publications  visited some of the projects such as Morungole dam located in Kaabong which was under construction by Zhongaho company limited a Chinese firm at the cost of shs 7.8 bilion  the work has installed and deserted after it was launched in May 2019.

Another  dam  in Kanapidi, Kaoyaagor village in Kotido district which costed government Shs6.7billion has also stalled, before it’s completion since it was launched in April 2019 and expected to be done within  five months. Not only that, another dam which has stalled is in  Kosike in Amudat district which costed government Shs10bn no work is in progress since.
There’s also an animal holding ground in Namalu which has stalled and the cattle market in Lemusui sub county in Nakapiripirit district which has also been abandoned. Jino Meri the district chairperson of Kaabong says many projects implemented by MAAIF and funded by  world bank have failed to create any impact to the lives of the people of Kaabong and Karamoja at Large.
“Look at that project of Morungole,not even the district was involved because this is the ministry of Agriculture error where by they don’t want to involve the district in monitoring the projects,”he said.
While Mr.Paul  Lokol the district chairperson of Nabilatuk attributes the failures to duplication of work by two ministries of Agriculture And water which has affected the meaning full impact for the people of Karamoja.
“The MAAIF people just do their work without involving the district people not even the local community and this makes it hard for proper supervision and owning any project,”he said.
According to Mr.Lokol  as long as the technical team from the ministry of water and ministry of Agriculture continue to behave as if they are from heaven, there will be no successful projects under world bank in Karamoja.
For John Nangiro the district Chairperson of Nakapiripirit, he says the projects implemented by ministry of Agriculture should be investigated because they are good at duplicating work. According to Mr.Nangiro, where ministry of water and environment puts up a facility, ministry of Agriculture also runs there with their own projects which is not good.
He said the ministry of Agriculture has failed to complete a cattle market located in Moruita sub county in Nakapiripirit district which is at the coast of Shs500million  and another cattle holding ground in Namalu which costed government Shs1.8billion.
“All the sites have been abandoned by the contractors and no one in the ministry of Agriculture is bothered to follow up,”he said.He says that he has written several letters to the line ministry for the delayed completion of Resilience projects but all in vain.

“We are looking ways to meet with the team from the world bank to express our disappointment over their funded projects,”he said.

According to Mr.Nangiro projects of more than 140 billion under Resilience program in Karamoja has failed.

But MAAIF Engineer who over see the projects in the region Mr.Francis Wanaloba when contacted acknowledge some projects have delayed due to what he calls unavailable circumstance such as rains and Insecurity. He give an example of Morungole dam where the Chinese contractor abandoned the site after being attacked by the armed cattle rustlers.

He further says they were working with the contractors to ensure that all the projects uncompleted will be completed and handed over to the respective district within the shortest time.

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