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TOP STORY: Kyambogo Big Boss Expelled For Raping Disabled Primary Kid

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On Monday Kyambogo bosses held a stormy council meeting which was used to discuss and decide the fate of a prominent professor and administrator by the names of Aaron. It was chaired by Dr. Nakanugo Gorette.

The Professor is one of the very big bosses at Kyambogo University and he has both the teaching and administrative responsibilities. You can’t count the five most powerful people at Kyambogo and his name misses.
Last week, Prof Aaron was chosen by an international NGO based in Kampala to travel with a group of disabled pupils from Apollo Kaggwa school of Mukono along Katosi Road.

After dropping all the other kids, he stayed with one and defiled her throughout the night and he didn’t use a condom even. He left the primary six gal in a lot of pain. After using the gal he dropped the child to the school where teachers saw she was in too much pain. They asked her and that’s how she spilled beans about the sex act Professor Aaron did to her. This is how Vision Project the NGO which sponsored the Nairobi trip got involved and reported to KMP police headquarters and Professor Aaron was arrested only to be released on police bond after sleeping in the KMP police coolers for several days.

The Professor was about to become the Deputy vice chancellor of Kyambogo University. KMP police afandes who arrested Professor Aaron from his home on Namugongo Road found him with viagra and sex lubricants in his car. He cried and promised to sell his land in Kwania to pay them but the afandes refused saying he must rot in jail because its not good to rape minors especially those who are disabled.

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The KMP afandes were even more angry because this wasn’t the first time Professor Aaron was forcefully sexually harvesting minor girls with disabilities. The story was on social in the weekend and shamed Kyambogo council members led by Prof Ojambo had to discuss it during their Monday meeting.

In the meeting the vice chancellor Professor Erias Katunguka was grilled why he was protecting Professor Aaron which he denied. He made it clear he isn’t the one who helped him to get police bond and proposed that the sex Professor carries his cross. Council members tried to ring him to come to the meeting but the much shamed Professor Aaron’s phone was totally off and he was said to be hiding in his village back home in northern Uganda.

On Monday council members voted to put an advert in the newspaper of Tuesday making it clear that Professor Aaron must carry his cross. In the advert the university Council put a phone number of someone plus an email address where other victims of Professor Aaron’s sex harassment should report what he did to them. Kyambogo sources say that after confirming that the KMP police had a file on Professor Aaron, it was decided to interdict him which Professor Katunguka the VC will have to do because he has such powers.

Professor Aaaron will then face the music in the disciplinary committee of Kyambogo council which will be dismissing him with total disgrace. Insiders say that the Monday council meeting was very hot as members said that Professor Aaron must be dismissed to help protect the University’s name or else the public will think that management supports such sex harassment of the disabled minors.

Are you a victim of sexual violence or assault at Kyambogo University call 0772419807 or WhatsApp us +255769138299 or email

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