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REV. CANON EVATT MUGARURA: World Bank Operations Are Corruptive And Exploitative

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Dear Editor
If the World Bank (WB)Agenda was intentional and in our favor as African countries, their loans would see all African Nations come out of poverty.  The notion on homosexuality as a condition for funding African countries disguising it as an aspect of inclusion is but another method to make a permanent dent in our population in order to keep us stunted.
The World Bank agenda is far beyond the support and promotion of homosexuality. Their corrupted policies right from Washington DC and the related funding to implement “their policies” in the name of country policies makes it difficult for us to come out of poverty and is like a prison.
 Of course we are currently swimming in poverty! They take advantage of our helpless situation.  In 2004/2005, I attended a conference in Washington DC in which WB conducted a workshop under the title  *Getting Africa out of impoverishment”** Speakers after speakers presented.  None from Africa was on the table of these  presenters. It was their thing that we all listened to.
One of the presenters mentioned that what was making it difficult for World Bank to get Africa out of impoverishment was the African govt bureaucracy and corruption. Imagine this kind of statement when corruption starts in Washington DC where these corrupted policies with a hidden agenda are crafted!
I did not hesitate to challenge this submission by simply asking whether or not the one hand that was busy exploiting Africa had any conversation with the other hand promising to get Africa out of poverty!  Undoubtedly, it was another lie and a form of corruption. And there was no concrete response. I got a humbling standing ovation from the fellow participants especially from Africa and Asia.
Immediately I got out of the hall, one white lady approached me and asked if World Bank would ever fund the organization I worked for. My response was that they were not funding us and that even if they did they would not stop me from talking and telling them the truth. She left me without a word. I guess she expected me to be intimidated by her question on funding because it rules the world order. But I was not!
Another Mzungu young lady came to me and presented me her business card. She was an employee of WB. She said to me.
“Rev. Please keep saying what you said in the workshop” ! At this point I was convinced that those who rub shoulders with the organization are they themselves not satisfied with the magnitude of exploitation and corruption that is World Bank operations. It was encouraging to me.
What would you deduce from such a scenario as an African? To date, 20 years down the road one would have expected to see what they promised happen. To the country nothing has happened! Africa is becoming poorer and I guess they are one of the major contributors!
Good news! I agree with my President, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, that Africa can still develop economically without WB loans!!
Rev. Canon Evatt Mugarura
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