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NEMA Snores As Lubigi Swamp Becomes a Slum And Industrial Park

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The tradition of wetlands being hijacked in Uganda is concretized by no intervention from the responsible authorities. The sinister part of it all is how slums are allowed to mushroom in the wetlands and electricity services as well as road networks are extended there.

If water is life and it has to be respected why are the laws that should prevent encroachment flaunted to entertain sino trucks dumping soil in wetlands and encroachers actively extending their boundaries.

Meanwhile there is a National Environment Management Authority with an environmental police unit and human resources.

When an organization fails to fully execute it’s mandate there is an array of reflection. Are they underfunded, are they short of human resources, do they not have the authority despite being an authority, are they party to the encroachment, are they competent. These are question NEMA would answer.


As this goes on however, Museveni’s appointed RDCs are busy chasing Ugandans from wetlands where they grow rice and yams but looking on as Chinese and other foreign investors destroy our swamps. This kind of practice is unfair to mother nature.

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