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PANIC: Nude Girl Lands Top Agricultural Ministry Boss In Trouble

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A gorgeous babe working with the Entebbe based ministry of agriculture and fisheries has used her very seductive nudes to cause problems for a powerful technocrat in one of the government ministries. The technocrat’s marriage is on the verge of collapsing as his wife and mother of his children is threatening to file for divorce to protest his infidelity and cheating habits.
This very beautiful babe has always wanted to have sex with the hunky technocrat and was for years praying for the day she would be transferred to the ministry where he works. Sometimes she would stalk the technocrat upcountry for field work tours only for her moves to be frustrated by the technocrat’s very possessive wife. She then resorted to sending his salacious pictures via WhatsApp link.
One of her best pals says the gorgeous MAAIF babe likes wearing makeups, waist trainers and bum lifters to enhance her beautiful appearance while seducing people’s men working at different government ministries. She often does this when going for inter-ministerial events and functions where she seduces and sets traps for people’s husbands because she likes using thigh power to win over the mighty.
The hunky technocrat couldn’t survive because she identified him as someone powerful enough to get her access to his fellow big and powerful men. She started by sending him her nude pictures and videos suggesting that he looks at them to quench his thoughts while thinking about her all night long.
The technocrat who in the end got tempted and started harvesting her during trips upcountry and in foreign countries like Dubai would always delete the photos and videos every night the seductive MAAIF babe would send them to him. But on the latest occasion, the technocrat was too tired having returned from burial upcountry and yet he hadn’t yet put a password on his newly acquired smart phone.
When he fell asleep, his wife unexpectedly gained access to the unpassworded phone and ended up being the recipient of the daily nude photos deliveries the salacious MAAIF babe sent that night. The wife forwarded all of them on her phone and kept quiet.
In the morning, she confronted the husband who denied being aware of the MAAIF babe. He also denied ever being in touch or communication with such a babe. The wife has a sister who coincidentally works in MAAIF where the salacious nude babe has always been very hostile to her.
Now armed with the dripping nude photos and videos, the technocrat’s wife and sister teamed up and opted to massively share or leak the nudes on social media in order to finish off the arrogant babe whose woes over the weekend forced MAAIF workmates to hold a celebratory drink up party in Ntinda over the weekend.
Meanwhile at MAAIF pressure is being piled on the Commissioner HR to subject the babe in the nude photos and videos to disciplinary actions because her action of keeping seductively sending her nude photos and videos to people’s husbands is clearly in total violation of the guidelines in the ministry’s staff manual.
The most excited at MAAIF is a one Connie, the Commissioner who the nude photos babe has been feeding with for years. At the same ministry many people are scared that after the latest nudes leakage, those of a one Doreen could be next.
All this nudes photos turmoil is becoming public, and going viral on social media, at the time when Gen Salim Saleh is carrying out a performance audit to understand why service delivery in the whole of agriculture sector is declining and not doing well anymore. The investigations by Saleh is going to result in many key technocrats at MAAIF losing their jobs or getting transferred because of failing to deliver on their set targets.