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WAR FOR PROPERTY: Woman Accusing Husband Of Being Gay Claps Back At Enanga, I Will Fight To The Last Person

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It all started with a woman who identified herself as Sarah Nalwoga Igeme accusing her husband Dr Igeme Katagwa of being gay and sodomizing his own children, two boys and one girl.

Our snoops privy to the matter revealed to us how there’s a fight and scramble for property that’s making the woman cook stories and smearing her husband in bad light.

“We handled this case comprehensively. In audio is different on ground. Personally i even helped draft a complaint to Director CID by then to enable me handle her matter. Doctors examined the children and was totally no evidence. In the end she asked how she can be helped to share properties”- said our source.


Our source also also says that the former CID boss Grace Akullo was touched and shocked by the revelations in the woman’s claims, children taken to Mulago and tests came out negative, when the case was closed, she opened the same case at another police station.

“Madam Akullo was also touched but findings were contrary, we took the file to ODPP herself she closed it. After closing it, she surprisingly went to Kajansi and opened up the same case. This time Kajansi investigated, took children to Mulago for ex rays and examinations which were all negative”- says our source.

Police would later come out to refute the woman’s allegations indicating how the matter was conclusively handled and in the end no evidence was presented and even the children refuted claims that their own father had sodomized them.

“From the interviews and findings, the counselor did not find any signs of physical or sexual abuse, but she indicated that they had signs of psychological torture, as a result of abuse from their mother. The victims were also examined by Doctors at Mulago National Referral Hospital, and none of them found any evidence of alleged physical and sexual abuse”- Reads part of the police statement.

However in a turn of events, Sarah Nalwoga has clapped back at police spokesperson Enanga claiming every thing in the police statement is a lie accusing Afande Naigaga of refusing to hand over the medical report to her.

“These guys are the one blocking justice for my children and not even my children”-says Nalwoga.

Nalwoga says she has taken her children for medical examinations and she has all the papers, even people who operated her children can come out and testify what they were operating. She also says she’s ready to post the medical reports on social media if it’s what will get her justice.

“Mr. Enanga is lying , i can be brought before all the media which am going to do and i want Enanga to tell me how a child whose private parts are having purse oozing out of them can have a hymen, they’re these thigs you’re going to protect other people’s children and then deny justice to other people’s children, am going to run to many offices as possible until my children get justice”- Nalwoga angrily claps to Enanga.

She further accuses cops at Kibuli of eating some Eight Million Shillings which she claims was delivered by a certain city lawyer to cover up the matters which are currently in court.

“These police at Kibuli ate UGX 8 Million which was delivered by Semakula Mukiibi of Max Advocates, i can bring evidence to that effect”- Nalwoga Reveals.


DISCLAIMER: Ultimate News Does Not Independently Verify the claims put in this story as they’re reported verbatim from the audio in circulation and we are doing our best to find Dr. Igeme to know his side of the story.

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