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OWEYEGHA-AFUNADUULA: Understanding Who Sodomites Are

By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

Do you know what the word sodomite stands for? Let me tell you.

A sodomite is a person who engages in unnatural sexual practices. When they are many they are called sodomites.

Sodomites, are, therefore, men or boys whose sexual lives revolve around canal knowledge of one by another to satisfy their sexual desires, or women and girls who sleep with one another for the same reason. Or else sodomites entice others to engage in unnatural sex. Sometimes they rape children, men or boys, which is a crime. If women, girls, rape other women or girls for purpose of of having carnal knowledge of them, it is also a crime punishable by law. Whatever is the case , we say that they are practicing Sodomy. Although the Bible is clear that God created heterosexuality ( sex between man and woman, or girl and boy), those who advocate for sodomy say God created both homosexuality and Lesbianism yet the in the Bible, Sodomy is called a Wicked Thing!

There is no doubt that the two words are related to the word Sodom, which is a biblical name of a city, which was known for practicing unnatural sexual relationships.
One time God got so annoyed with the people of the city of Sodom and told Abraham that he was going to burn it. Abraham painstakingly tried to convince God not to, because even the innocent would be burned to death. God saw that wickedness outweighed Godliness by far.

In fact, one time two angels of God in form of men visited the city of Sodom at the height of sodomitic relationships. They went straight to the house of Lot, who was the only Godly man in the city. When the Sodomians heard that two men had visited Lot – whom they called foreigner – they surrounded his house and demanded that he gives the two men to them.

Apparently, all the adult men and young men converged at Lot’s house. They shouted to Lot in a chorus, ” Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight. Bring them to us”. The Bible says that they wanted to have sex with them. To put it another way, they wanted to have carnal knowledge of them as a mob.

Lot was scared and told them” Friends don’t do such a wicked thing. Let me give you my virgin daughters and you can do anything you want with the.”. But they were not interested in women.

They wanted only men. In anger, the angels of God in form of men struck all the old and young men blind, a demonstration that God did not approve of Sodomy and sodomites. The Bible says God went on to burn the whole city and all the sodomites to ashes, but not before telling Lot to leave the city with his wife and daughters.

He hated Sodom and its sodomites so much that he did not want Lot , his wife and daughters to look at the burning city as they fled it , but Lot’s wife looked back and became a pillar of salt.

The whole Story of Sodom and its sodomites, and what God did to them, is well recorded in the Bible Book of Genesis Chapter 19. But the sodomites of today may or will disagree with it because they are anti-God and anti-Christs. Disagreeing does not mean that the story does not exist nor describe the truth about God’s disapproval of sodomy and sodomite..

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