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Andrew Mwenda Vows To Shoot Down The Anti-Homosexuality Bill Again

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On 21st December 2013, the then speaker of Parliament in what she described as a Christmas gift to Ugandans, parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill which had been tabled by Ndorwa West legislator David Bahati.

Prior to it’s passing, the speaker found resistance from the then prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi who insisted there was not enough quorum required by parliament to pass such a bill to which the speaker didn’t heed to.

Indeed on 25th February 2014, the president signed the controversial bill into law something that caused panic and fears among activists and all the crusaders of homosexuality in the country.


On March 12th, several activists including lawyers, activists, legislators and journalists petitioned the constitutional court to have it annulled on grounds that it infringed on human rights and that parliament didn’t meet the quorum while passing it.

On 1st August 2014, the court led by the then Acting Chief Justice Steven Kavuma struck it down. The law is “null and void”, the presiding judge told the court, saying the process contravened the constitution, as it has been passed in December 2013 with out the necessary quorum.

The retrogressive anti-homosexuality act of Uganda has been struck down by the constitutional court- it’s now dead a door nail” said Andrew Mwenda, one of the 10 petitioners.

After parliament passing the same Anti-Homosexuality bill 2023 which was re-introduced by Bugiri Municipality Legislator Asuman Basalirwa and sent to president Museveni to append his signature to it such that it becomes a law in the land, several local and international organizations and western powers have warned of negative consquences should Museveni sign the vill.

As he did it in 2014, veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has vowed to challenge the same Anti-Homosexuality bill if president Museveni signs it into law sighting issues of consent between two mature adults with sound mind.

While appearing on the NTV spot alongside NUP legislator Medard Lubega Ssegona last night which is hosted by Patrick Kamara every Thursday, Andrew Mwenda claerly stated that there’s no reason why homosexuality between two adults should be criminalized.

If i sit in the privacy of my bedroom with a fellow man who is also consenting, what have i taken from Medard or anybody? The two of us will be consenting. Why do you want to criminalize that?- Said Andrew Mwenda

The Veteran Journalist also didn’t stop at that but vowed to lead other people preferably West Budama North East constituency Fox Odoi who led the legal team alongside Chapter Four Director and Counsel Nicholas Opio who were on the legal team that shoot down the Anti-Homosexuality Act in August 2014.

We wait to see if President Museveni will respect parliament, the cries of the sane Ugandans and sign the bill into law or will succumb to pressure both local and outside Uganda to send back the bill for review to parliament.

The bill which is rolling heads seeks to introduce tough fines and punishments to those convicted as seen in the picture below.

Related America and other western powers have warned Uganda and urged president Museveni not to sign the bill into law (READ STORY HERE)

Winnie Byanyima Director of UNAIDs and wife to outspoken four time presidential Candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye also urged president Museveni not to sign the ‘Bad’ Anti Homosexuality Bill into law (READ STORY HERE)

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