TROUBLE: Karimojong Elders Spend Nights On Top Of Mountain Moroto Cursing Museveni’s Minister Kitutu

Karimojong Boy Eating Raw Blood From a Slaughtered Cow-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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By Steven Ariong

KOTIDO: What started as a smart deal gone wrong might turn into a curse to Museveni’s Minister Mary Goreti Kitutu if things we are to go by how events are unfolding regarding her dirty deals.

Karimojong Boy Eating Raw Blood From a Slaughtered Cow-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

This comes as a section of the Karimojong elders across Karamoja region spent a night at Mt Moroto cursing Minister for Karamoja affairs Mrs Mary Goreti Kitutu for stealing relief items meant for the people of Karamoja.

The elders decision to visit a place which is believed to their ancestral mountain and where and performed dangerous rituals following  the recovery of iron sheets meant for the people of Karamoja from the minister’s home.


The State house anti corruption unit has since arrested the mother, brother and nephew and other people close to Minister Kitutu after they were got selling OPM branded iron sheets.

The elders say they wouldn’t let people scot free after stealing the relief items meant for the people of Karamoja. They also killed a bull cursing minister Kitutu and her entire team for stealing what they say was meant for them.

Meanwhile a group of anti corruption monitors in Karamoja have also joined the rest of the concerned Karimojongs demanding for the resignation of the for Karamoja affairs minister who is also the women Member of parliament for Manafwa district Hon Mary Goreti Kitutu saying her act of diverting items destined for Karamoja was shame.

Minister for Karamoja affairs Mary Goreti Kitutu is on the receiving with a lot of stress several people including a section of members of parliament from Karamoja under their parliamentary group led by their Hon Remigio Achia have called for the resignation of the minister.

Moses Lokiru one of the anti corruption monitors said a whole minister diverting the iron sheets meant for Karamoja was a crime of the highest order and that police should not spare arresting her.

“If its true we are fighting against corruption let’s lead by example by arresting Minister Marry Goreti Kitutu,”he says.

Robert Lokol another anti corruption monitor says they were not impressed with the appointment of two ministers from the same region to be ministers for Karamoja affairs.

” If president museveni can’t appoint any other tribe apart from the Bugisu let him then scrap Karamoja affairs ministry,” he appealed to the president.

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