Karimojong Reformed Cattle Rustlers Call For General Audit Of Programs Under Minister Kitutu

Some Of The Reformed Rustlers Knitting Capes In Napak-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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By Steven Ariong

NAKAPIRIPIRITI: A section of concerned reformed cattle rustlers in Nakapiripirit and Nabilatuk districts have urged Museveni’s anti-corruption unit to carry out deep rooted audit of all the government programs meant for transforming Karamoja under supervision of the minister of Karamoja affairs Goreti Kitutu and her deputy Agnes Nadutu.

Some Of The Reformed Rustlers Knitting Capes In Napak-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

The call comes at the back drop of a continuous investigation by the state house anti corruption unit which has since nabbed Minister Kitutu’s mother, brother and the nephew of while selling iron sheets meant for the people of Karamoja.

According to John Korobe, a former cattle rustler and a resident of Kakomongole sub county in Nakapiripirit district says the theft of items meant for the people of Karamoja was an indication that a lot of items could have been diverted by the minister to her electorates.

“The investigators should not only zero down to the iron sheets stolen, but should go deeper and include all the projects which she has been supervising in the region including goats distributions,” Kolobe says.


Mathew Lokol another reformed youth asked president Museveni to re-appoint John Byabagambi to as minister for Karamoja affairs or appoint one of their own since he/ she knows the pain of the Karimojongs. Lokol further says Byabagambi did a wonderful job amidst shortage of resources.

John Byabagambi was the minister for Karamoja affairs before he was dropped and replaced by now the troubled Mary Goreti Kitutu.

“We don’t know why the president removed John Byabagambi from Karamoja,”- Lokol wonders

Timothy Tebanyang another reformed rustler says the current minsters are the worst performing ministers that Karamoja region has ever had adding that the duo who are both from Bugisu region are just tourists in Karamoja who can

“The current two ministers have killed the burning fire of development which the first lady Janet Museveni and John Byabagambi left in Karamoja. They don’t don’t have an office in Karamoja at least John Byabagambi used to have an office here and he could come and spend much time in Karamoja,” Tebanyang says.

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