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Karimojong Women Reveal How They Haven’t Benefited From Kitutu Being Minister

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By Steven Ariong

MOROTO: Women in Karamoja region have joined the rest of the disappointed people over the diversion of relief items meant for the people of Karamoja to Manafwa district.

Speaking to this website on Friday some of the women say they have never known the two ministers of Karamoja affairs ever since they were appointed.

Betty Nachap a mother and a resident of Pupu village in Rupa sub county in Moroto district says the only ministers that made women to benefit from government  programs were first lady Janet Museveni and later John Byabagambi whom they described as being down to the local people.

“First of all I have never seen Goreti Kitutu even Agnes Nadutu and I don’t know which work they do as ministers of Karamoja because we are not seeing the impact,” Nachap told this publication.


Glades Nasike another woman say during Janet Museveni’s reign as minister, many women groups benefited from walking tractors, heifers, and many other things and when John Byabagambi replaced the first lady, he also continued doing well but these two ministers I don’t know who they are are they,”- Glades says.

While Konyen Lomuria from Namalu town council  in Nakapiripirit district says they were not surprised when the news about the diversion of relief items meant for Karamoja were reported warning the two ministers to stop wearing the Karimojong attire saying their actions have disappointed them.

“These are thieves in the names of  ministers, there’re after their stomachs and their relatives,” she says

Mary Goreti Kitutu is currently under investigations by the state house anti corruption unit after her mother, brother and nephew were arrested selling government branded iron sheets meant for the people of Karamoja.

Meanwhile  this website did a survey to capture how many known times has Minister Kitutu visited Karamoja region since she was appointed in June 2022 and we are glad to report that Kitutu has visited the region only seven  times.

The first visit, she came to Karamoja was during the review of the security situation in Karamoja in August 2021 after parliament approving supplementary budget of Shs39 billion for disarmament exercise in Karamoja.

The second visit was during the distribution of food to the people of Karenga district.

The 3rd visit, she made to the region was going to Kaabong district to try to convince Karimojong rustlers to hand over guns. The fourth trip Kitutu made was when she went to Turkana for Tobongu Lore functions.

The fifth trip the minister made was when she went to Namalu still on disarmament. The sixth trip the minister made in Karamoja was during the Karamoja regional council held in Moroto.

The seventh trip Kitutu made in Karamoja was again during the launch of white gala goats for the reformed Karimojong warriors.

This website also learnt that the minister’s visit in region depends on a type of the workshop if it’s a small workshops she sends her junior minister Agnes Nandutu but if it’s a juicy one involving millions of shillings she goes by her self.

On Wednesday a group of elders walked 60kilometers on top of Mt Moroto to perform rituals to curse Minister Kitutu for stealing their iron sheets.

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