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Elders Warn Troubled Minister Kitutu Not Dare Step a Foot In Karamoja

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By Steven Ariong

MOROTO: Elders and a section of district leaders and Karimojong Reformed Cattle Rustlers have asked president Museveni to institute disciplinary actions against his minister for Karamoja affairs Marry Goreti Kitutu over theft.

Karamoja Elders During One Of Their Meetings – PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

According to the elders, they suggest that Kitutu is sacked from being minister and also be arrested for alleged theft of iron sheets meant to uplift the lives of the Karimojong reformed warriors.


Minister Mary Kitutu is currently on spot after she allegedly diverted iron sheets to her family members and coordinators yet they were destined for Karamoja meant for the reformed youth.

According to reports, after a search in Situumi village, Bukwekha parish in Bupoto sub-county in Manafwa district, her mother, brother and others were nabbed with Government of Uganda branded iron sheets and were arrested to help with the investigations.

Some Of The Reformed Rustlers Knitting Capes In Napak-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

Details further reveal that upon the arrest of her mother and other relatives, the troubled minister immediately called the investigating officers who were from the State House Anti-corruption unit, Internal Security Organization (ISO) and police to release her mother given her frail health situation which they cops agreed to do.

Following the incident, elders in Karamoja have warned the minister never to step in Karamoja describing her as one of the minister’s fighting development in Karamoja.

Karamoja has two ministers, the cabinet Minister is Mary Goreti Kitutu and her junior is former NTV journalist Agnes Nandutu who are tasked to foster development and peace in the sub-region which is marred with rustling and high poverty levels.

Karamoja Minister Mary Goreti Kitutu

Jackson Lokol an elder and a resident of Ngoleriet sub county in Napak district described the action of the minister as shame and unfortunate.

“We have had very many ministers here in Karamoja but all go without carrying anything, why did Madam Kitutu did that really,” Lokol asked.

Moses Mudong another elder asked police to release the mother and the brother and other relatives of the minister in custody and instead arrest the minister herself since she’s the main suspect since those arrested don’t even know where the Office of the prime minister is located.

“These people just received the iron sheets from the minister, they didn’t request for them from the Office of the prime minister,” Mudong says.

While Simon Nangiro the chairman of Karamoja elders association said the diversion of iron sheets meant for the people of Karamoja by minister Kitutu was an indication that many things have been stolen in the name of supporting Karimojong.

“This not the first time these people are looting what supposed to be for the people of Karamoja, we shall curse all of them and they will perish by their weird actions,”Nangiro lamented.

Paul Lokol the district chairperson Nabilatuk instead advised the members of parliament to consider censuring minister Kitutu instead of minister Namuganza whom they sent packing from the minister’s section last month.

“This is now where we are going to test the truth about parliament because they spent much time with minister Namuganza just because she had her difference with the speaker but now with minister Kitutu it’s about theft and needs to be censured” Lokol suggested

On his part, Jino Meri the district chairperson of Kaabong district said the action by the minister now makes it hard to rally rustlers to stop stealing when things meant for those who reformed are diverted to other areas.

“She came here and we moved together rallying residents to stop stealing now she has also stolen iron sheets who will now believe in her,”Jino Meri questioned.

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