Valley Dam Excites Katakwi Cattle Keepers.


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By Steven Ariong

KATAKWI: Residents of Palam sub county in Ngariam county Katakwi district have a reason to smile following the completion of She500m valley dam in the area.

The dam which was constructed by the ministry of water and environment has been seen as a relief to cattle keepers who have been struggling to find water for their livestock during draught season as of now.

It’s also expected to reduce flooding in the area since water will be entering in the dam instead of flooding into homes and gardens.

John Ojakol one of the residents says they are now giving water to their their animals in the animal traps.


“It has been so hard for us here in Palam and getting water source for animals has been a big challenge, we have been sharing water sources like boreholes with animals which is not good health wise but now we are happy to the government of Uganda and ministry of water and environment,” says Ojakol

Abdu Okeng the Palam Sub county LCV councilor and also secretary of works and social services said the completion of the dam came at the right time when rains are about to return and cause floods in the area.

“The major thing we are happy with this dam is that it will help us to contain water that could have caused flooding in people’s gardens, “he said.

Animals Taking Water At The Newly Constructed Dam-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

Okeng also appealed the ministry of water to consider providing an irrigation system so that farmers can plant vegetables during dry season.

According to Patrick Okotel the Engineer in the ministry of water and environment in charge of Eastern region, he acknowledged that in the short time they will provide an irrigation system in the area.

“We have done with the installation of solar system to pump water to the animals  trap and we are still finishing up some few things but 99.9% of the works in the dam are complete,” says Okotel

Okotel urges the Katakwi district leaders and Palam sub county leaders to take the responsibility of keeping the dam by not allowing animals enter inside the dam.

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