Napak, Moroto Residents Decry Delayed Power Line Land Compensation

Polls taking power line to Karamoja falling down before work is completed-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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By Steven Ariong

The delay in compensating residents of Napak and Moroto  Districts  who were displaced by government to pave way for the construction of the 132 KV power line has continued to cause friction between the two parties.

Some residents of Lorengechora Sub County in Napak district still await compensation from government for their property destroyed during the clearing of the line along the mapped route.

James Lokut one of the affected residents says the company  contracted to do the work exhumed Graves of their parents adding that they are still waiting for the money for giving them decent burial but since the team promised to compensate them, now nothing yet.

Polls taking power line to Karamoja falling down before work is completed-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

Government in 2017 contracted an Iranian company  called  Fara Gostan Biston to do the work after securing Shs290b from Islamic Development Bank. The works has been completed. The 132voltage power starts from Opuyo, passing through Katakwi, Napak to Moroto where it has a sub station.

The construction of the power line is aimed at boosting industries in Moroto where the region is supposed to start producing it’s own cement instead of the limestone being ferried to be processed in other region.

John Lomonyang another affected families said ever since he was evicted from his piece of land, he has failed to raise up a house for him with his children to stay in.

“Am now staying with my children at my wife’s parents home because I have no where to go and stay,” laments Lomonyang.

James Kuskus another affected residents of Kautakou village in Napak district said the government team took their pictures as a sign of ownership of the land but they went and kept quite.

“Imagine from 2017 up to now we have not received our compensation and we don’t understand,” he complains.

Pamela Byoruganda the head of Communications in Uganda Electricity  transmission company limited confirmed the delay on compensation of some affected people saying  it was caused by boundaries wrangles.

“Its true some people have not been compensated but all it was caused by land wrangles but we are working on to see that the rightful people are compensated,” She told this website.

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