Karimojong Reformed Warriors Resort To Knitting Capes To Earn a Living

Some Of The Reformed Rustlers Knitting Capes In Napak-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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Story By Steven Ariong

NAPAK: With no any other option  after they handed over their guns to government, a section of the Karimojong reformed warriors have embarked to knitting capes to earned a living.

Mariko Dengel one of the reformed rustlers from Lotome sub county in Napak district said he earns between Shs40,000 to 50,000 from knitting and selling his capes depending on the number of capes he makes per week.

“We have learnt how to fit in any situation, we have been raiding animals, there are no more animals, we handed over our guns after government promising us projects which we are not seeing yet life is hard so i have to see what to do”- Mariko painfully narrated

Some Of The Reformed Rustlers Knitting Capes In Napak-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

While Teko Adupa another reformed raider from Ngoleriet sub county in Napak district said instead of him sitting and think of going back to the bush due to harsh living condition, he decided to make himself busy by knitting Karimojong traditional capes and beads for women to wear around their waists to earn a living.

“My problem is only market but if I had serious demand I would be making more than 90 capes every month where I could earn about Shs200,000 in selling  per month,” Teko told this website.


Moses Lomuria another reformed rustlers on his side urged government to fulfill the pledge they made to the rustlers while asking for guns.

“Government promised us heaven on earth, we gave them guns but we are not seeing anything they promised to us which is bad,” Lomuria painfully lamented

Micheal Longole the Karamoja regional police spokesperson advised the reformed warriors to form and register their group so that government can extend support to them.

“The advantage is that most Karimojong are gifting in art and crafts how I wish they could explore its potential, they will earn money than rustling animals,” Longole advised

This comes at a time when Karamoja region has slightly registered decline of wave of insecurity that has paralyzed business in the region. The situation has calmed  down due to the heavy  presence of joint security personnel both police and army doing routine patrolling in Karamoja.

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