OWEYEGHA-AFUNADUULA: The Fate of Political Integrity, Governance and Leadership- Social Development Jeopardized in Uganda.


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By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

Political integrity is possible. It reflects character and honesty. Character and honesty without principles and morality is a myth. But in Uganda Principles and Morality are diminishing twin-virtues among our politicians and other categories of leaders.

So, to get one politician with “political integrity” may have to wait until Jesus comes back.

Increasingly, the governors of countries, especially in Africa, feel uncomfortable when there are people with integrity within their circles. Such people tend to be marginalized as much as is possible. Or else they are sucked into circles of people inimical to integrity and honesty. This might explain why telling the truth to power is a diminishing possiblity.

Power prefers lies and being mystified, praised and worshipped. This is far more true in Africa than was the case in Napoleonic times.

Consequently, to get governors who deliver social goods and services with the resources at their disposal comes as an accident. They prefer either to hide theirs heads in the sand or to preoccupy themselves with infrastructure, accessing natural resources for personal or family gain, building patronage chains or erecting laws that oppress, repress, suppress or depress citizens.

In Africa this might express as political ethnicization, ethnic politicization, deep State, exclusionism, witch-hunt, commercialization of politics, governance, leadership and the processes of erecting governors and leaders.

This is the end result of “killing” political integrity, character, honesty, principles and morality in a country’s governance.

Ultimately, if corrupt tendencies predominate in the conduct of governors and leaders, it will be difficult to fight the vice of corruption altogether. Everyone will not be free from the virus of corruption. That’s why in a recent article I surmised that corruption will be the ultimate investor in Uganda. I just fell short of clarifying and articulating that the corruption-guided investment will have its worst negative impacts in the social arena (education, health, agriculture).

Already, the majority of Africans in general and Uganda in particular are excluded from social development. Social development has been unfairly institutionally privatised for the benefit of a small group of people.

Power tends to protect the small group of people and endow its members with every opportunity in every sphere of life.

Interestingly, the governors and leaders will not accept that they have lost touch with the reality in the country, especially with the pace of social development in the disadvantaged social strata.

There is need to rethink governors, leaders, social development and the vision of development adopted. Later will be too late.

For God and MY Country.

The writer is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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