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OPINION: Possibility Of An Indian President of Uganda

By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

It is true. Britain colonised India but some Indians went to Britain and started to call Britain their country. They first captured the business space, became millionaires and used their money to influence political processes. Then they entered politics, becoming MPs, Mayors and now their own, millionaire Rishi Sunak has become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The British colonialists brought Indians to Uganda as unskilled Uganda Railway builders (Coolies) but, also, as business people to develop the business and economic sectors of the emerging economy of their Uganda Protectorate.

They ventured in politics, but not in a big way. Most likely, if Amin had not chased them in his economic war, they would have progressed to a situation where they would capture power the way it has happened in Great Britain.

President Museveni has said he does not mind a tribe of Indians in Uganda arising among “Ugandan “Tribes” (which are actually indigenous groups, apart from the Banyarwanda created by the NRM made Uganda Constitution 1995) but so designated by the British colonialists.

If they stay longer than they did under British Colonial Rule, why not, they could one day produce a President of Uganda, if governance of the country remains Centralized. However, there is one roadblock they would have to overcome: the immigrants who captured the instruments of power through the barrel of the gun and have been strategizing militarily, socially, economically and politically to be the perennial rulers of Uganda and dominants of the indigenous peoples well in the future.

Another roadblock they would have to overcome would be if the indigenous groups became conscientised enough to struggle for meaningful and effective liberation, freedom and democracy without hiring black mercenaries to fight for them. The Indians would not fit in the equation.

Otherwise I congratulate the new Prime Minister of Uganda’s former colonial ruler. He is a product of cultural interpenetration, with Indians penetrating Great Britain financially, economically, socially and politically.

For God and my Country.

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