All arts teachers who have been on strike since 14th’s last month over pay rise have finally accepted to end their sit-down strike after government insisted there’s no money for arts teachers and there’s totally nothing that government can do for them at the moment.

This followed a long meeting with president Museveni, his wife Janet who is also the minister of education, ministry of public service Muruli Mukasa, in the meeting president insisted on his earlier stance that scientists first then others will follow process by process.

According to president Museveni, his government is committed to improving the welfare of all public servants but even after 36 years in power, they are dealing with the most immediate ones and those are the scientists as they find ways of appeasing other public servants who did napoleon Bonaparte and Shakespeare.

While announcing the end of the sit-down strike by the arts teachers country wide in a video update from Teacher’s house, Filbert Baguma, the General Secretary for Uganda National Union who yesterday informed the teachers that after government insisted that there’s no money, they had two options.

The first option was to continue with the strike and close the door for negotiation or end the strike and keep the door for negotiations if government can have a second thought in this very financial year and be merciful to add something on their ka money as science teachers take their UGX4m home. They opted for option number two of ending the strike and keep the door for negotiations open.

This brings three-week long strike for arts teachers who are resuming to classes without a single deal with government as other public servants also prepare to launch their sit-down strike in few days with Lecturers in public universities, local government workers including Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) who had been directed by government to record the striking arts teachers to be removed from payroll.

Others set to strike are non-teaching staff at universities who also alerted the ministry of education that they are not comfortable with what government gives them.

It has always been the language of laying down tools that government has always heard, it heard that of doctors last year but for the arts teachers it has insisted and teachers were left with only two options either to quit and do other jobs or go back to class unhappy and teach the children.

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