CROSSFIRE: UNATU Bosses Blasted for Betraying Suffering Teachers and Insisting on a Fruitless Strike

The good news that every parent wants to hear is that of arts teachers ending their sit-down strike which they launched last month demanding a pay rise as their science counter parts who will start taking home a whole UGX4m.

But the bad news is that they are returning to classes unhappy and without doubt the innocent children will definitely pay the price like it has always been because their mentors were forced to resume duty without striking any money deal with government.

It was Sunday when all UNATU district heads thronged Kampala for a meeting at their headquarter located at teacher’s house, by the end of the meeting as the teachers spoke in unison to continue with the strike, it was revealed that they were set to meet president Museveni the following day.

The UNATU secretary General Filbert Baguma who has been speaking with determination changed his tone regarding the industrial action from “No money, no returning to classes” to things like “Museveni our father, we are his children”.

And indeed they met him at Kololo, the father managed to convince his children (the striking arts teachers) without a money deal to return to class an attend to his grand children who have spent three weeks without arts lessons.

However, like never before the bitterness is visible on those who were standing in solidarity with the teachers in their cause of action because they deserve better. The comments on UNATU’s update which ended the strike is evident in the comment section where majority are blasting UNATU for insisting and finally giving in to president Museveni’s promises which will probably come after some time since his stance towards arts teachers clearly shows they are not that important like their science counterparts.

This publication managed to get you some of these bitter comments.

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