Canada based Kenyan vocal lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna has blasted president Paul Kagame for wasting tax payers to attend a birthday in Uganda for Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Museveni’s son and commander land forces of the UPDF.

Miguna Miguna was replying to Kagame’s tweet where he categorically stated that he’s back to his country after attending Muhoozi’s birthday where he also discussed several issues with president Museveni on the sidelines of the birthday dinner.

In Reply to the tweet, Miguna Miguna who takes no prisoners openly told Kagame that he used to inspire millions  of African freedom fighters until he changed to a dictator who joined other African looters in stealing from his own people and he has now reduced himself to a level of a village idiot in celebrating silly birthdays.

“Mr. Paul Kagame: You used to inspire millions of African freedom fighters. Until you over-stayed in power. Became a tyrant. Joined African looters in stealing from your people. And now, you have reduced yourself to the level of a village idiot – celebrating silly birthdays.”-Tweeted Miguna Miguna.

The birthday was seen by many as the beginning of president Museveni’s dynasty and endorsement to his son into active politics even before he retires him from the army. Muhoozi is said to be having plans initiated by father who has been president 36 years to replace him.

Last Month, the same Miguna Miguna blasted first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba for praising what he referred to as ineptness [Read Story Here]

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