OPINION: When The Environment Revolts, Money Is Useless

Loggers cutting down a tree for timber. Uncontrolled and illegal felling of trees causing deforestation in Uganda. Photo by Charles Akena

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By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

The Tragedy of Durban, South Africa: Floods combine the rich and the poor and the educated and uneducated, the rulers and non-rulers in reigning havoc and death. Uganda , where the rulers and the rich-educated, seem to have declared a war against the environment, needs to take note.

God will also reduce you to inconsequential proportions if you continue to disregard our natural physical environment (forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, swamps) in favor of pursuing money and short-term riches as if you are immortal. He will wash away your wealth you have squires on the basis of environmental destruction and corruption.

Environment is the real perennial richness we have. It has transcended generations, and should transcend generations until Jesus comes back. However, our environmentally-ignorant, environmentally-illiterate, environmentally-poor, environmentally-arrogant, environmentally-corrupt, environmentally-bankrupt decision-makers think and believe they are greater than the environment and, by extension, God, and have concentrated more on destroying what they found in place to enrich themselves, in collusion with foreigners.

They are consciously preparing Uganda for disaster on a continuous and persistent basis. They are not even bothered that their grandchildren and grandchildren’s children deserve to make a living in a wholesome environment. They are condemning their and our genealogies to a life of environmental torture on a Sahara Desert-like landscape, while subjecting us to torture of diverse types.

There is need to rethink: Think environment. Stop thinking money. When the environment revolts money is rendered useless, like has happened in Durban , South Africa. Money will not save you or the others or me.

Education and Power do not impart wisdom. Wisdom comes from God. God gave our ancestors a different type of education and wisdom – genuine environmental education and environmental wisdom – and they conserved and managed the environment with God himself.

However, our corrupt decision-makers, together with the corrupt rich have forsaken God, dismissed our environmentally-wise ancestors as stupid and declared war against the environment.

God is not happy, and at his own chosen time, will express his anger with the powerful and the rich in physical terms. Unfortunately, when He acts, using His forces of Nature he will not distinguish between rich and poor, powerful and powerless.

For God and My Country

The Writer Is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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