SHOCKING: “They Removed My Clothes And Muhoozi Did This To Me”- Kakwenza Narrates Ordeal


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I guess we had moved on from the Kakwenza story but when the novelist was arrested in the days preceding to the end of last year, his life has never been the same. He had been arrested before in 2020 but the ordeal seem to be far different.

On the charge sheet when he was arraigned before Buganda road court judge Douglas Singiza, Kakwenza was accused of offensive communication and disturbing the peace of president Museveni which actually is becoming a common case in the Banana republic.

Kakwenza was granted bail and would later flee to exile in German where he’s currently undergoing treatment. In German under the Pen Foundation, he’s with vocal poet and researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi who has also ever been charged the same cases not once and not twice.

however, in a quite shocking revelation, Kakwenza has said he’s healing and intends to write at his experience under detention and would also include that part when Muhoozi undressed him to see the size of his dangling Cassava.

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