KAKWENZA: Muhoozi Should Send Me Transport And My Passport To Appear In Court


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Upon his release from Kitalya prison on bail, Kakwenza requested court he is allowed to go seek medical attention in foreign countries following his torture ordeal under military detention. However, all his requests were shot down and was instead advised to go get treated from Ugandan hospitals.

Since getting treated from the local hospitals wasn’t his wish, Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, a known novelist and writer of the popular Greedy Barbarian which is said to have been directed to Museveni’s rule decided to flee the country even when he had deposited his pass port as a requirement for his conditional bail release from Kitalya prisons.

Kakwenza was arrested on 28th December 2022 by a group of armed men from his Kisasi home, weeks later he was arraigned in Buganda road court and on the charge sheet, he was told he’s facing offensive communication and disturbing the peace of president Museveni and that of his son who is also the commander land forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

After successfully fleeing the country, Kakwenza took a swipe at the judge Daglas Singiza who denied him his passport to go seek medical attention and should instead try it since the holder made all possible means to quit the country and is currently chopping life in Germany though he hinted on returning home after full recovery.

However, magistrate Dr. Daglas Singiza issued an arrest warranty against Kakwenza who was meant to appear in court today to battle his charges, his lawyers indicated that even his sureties Counsel Julius Galinsonga had a case in the high court while NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya was busy with party activities and couldn’t make it to court.

Singiza also issued criminal summons against the sureties for failing to turn up in court having made it clear that they will always be coming to court for Kakwenza case whenever they’re needed.

Upon getting news that he’s needed by a Ugandan court to face his charges which were slapped to him by Museveni and his son, Kakwenza has instead urged commander land forces LT Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to send him transport and his pass port if they indeed need him in court.

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