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Acholi Mps Demand To Know Why Their People Die Shortly After Occupying Offices

Col Walter Ochola, Maj Gen Julius Facki Oketa, Maj Gen Paul Lokech, Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah

Legislators plying from the Acholi sub-region puzzled with questions why their people die or become ill after occupying high government positions. The Death of Jacob Oulanyah has just increased their curiosity to know why sighting past visible examples.

According to Kilak South legislator Gilbert Oulanyah who has expressed his dismay on why a string of Acholi have died shortly after being appointed or occupying key positions in Museveni’s government.

Gilbert Oulanyah revealed this while speaking at parliament where he tasked government to come out before burying Jacob Oulanyah to explain what is happening to the leaders of Acholi, sons of Acholi land. He sighted previous examples of Gen Paul Lokech, Gen Julius Facki Oketta, Col Walter Ochola who died barely two years in office after their appointment.

Jacob Oulanyah was confirmed dead yesterday by President Museveni in Seattle Washington DC in the US where he had been airlifted early last month to seek specialized medication on recommendation of his doctors at Mulago and Nakasero hospitals.

His death was a great shock to Ugandans because he had only chaired less than five parliamentary sittings and died 8 months after being elected speaker where he beat his closest rival Alitwala Kadaga and Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Semujju Nganda.

For starters, Gen Paul Lokech who was popularly known as the lion of Mogadishu died on 21st August 2021 of a blood clot. He served less than a year in the position of Deputy Police Boss to which he was appointed on 16th December 2020 following the bloody November Riots preceding to the 2021 General elections following the arrest of then presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in Luuka.

On 05th November 2016, the then Deputy head of the Operation Wealth Creation Maj Gen Julius Facki Oketta died at Kadic Hospital at the age of 60 years barely after he was appointed by president Museveni in 2015.

The other Acholi son who died shortly after assuming office is Col Walter Ochola. He died at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) on 03rd March 2011 and friends who was with him a day before at Fairway Hotel say he was in good shape and looked okay.

Why is it that when you attain a position in this government and the only thing you must be eliminated. What is going on, what is unique with the people of Acholi in this government?-Gilbert Oulanyah Asked

“We an answer from the government of Uganda before burying Oulanyah. Right now as members from Acholi, we are retreating back to our villages. Government should tell us clearly if we are worthy of holding any position in this government so that we tell our sons to resign and go back”- said a visibly bitter Gilbert Oulanyah




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