VIDEO: Top City TV Presenter Nabbed Pants Down With Married Woman


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If you thought sweetness has no end, better revisit that thought again since even it has an end if you don’t play your cards well. This is the same thing that NBS TV’s MC Casmir is going through after being nabbed.

In a video making rounds on social media, the celebrated Tv presenter who co hosts Katch Up on NBS Tv he was caught red handed pumping his national water into a married woman who opted he refills her oil reserves.

MC Casmir

Casmir pleads with the woman’s husband for forgiveness who is heard asking if that’s the bed where the two always sweat of top of each other, in replying to the question, the nabbed MC says it’s the bed where he has been chewing the married woman from.

He’s regretting bonking a married woman, something that has soiled his reputation and public image. To women out there, cheating is not good but if you decide to serve your beans to an outside, do it with respect and don’t do it in your matrimonial bed.

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