OPINION: Slow Murder of Ugandans In Somalia And DRC Lingers Questions


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By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

At some stage we used to wonder where Somalis were getting the money to buy up Nairobi. They simply sold the country to foreigners to be turned into a waste dump for radioactive materials. These are dangerous to human life. If our soldiers are exposed to them we should expect many to develop all kinds of cancer, if the come out of there alive, and then die not from bullets, but from radioactive materials.

Billions of dollars were realized by the Somali warlords . They now own about a quarter of Nairobi and counting. I don’t know how much of Uganda they now own, but a number now own big businesses in the country..

Just like in Nairobi Somalis don’t mix with other people. They simply buy out every indigenous people who owned property there and live on their own. Whatever mischief they plan nobody will leak the information. Uganda is in for trouble ahead. Somalis are different from the Asians who were told to leave and they did. Somalis will plant bombs and cause untold mayhem. Early European observers noticed long ago that Somalis are virtually ungovernable.

Why anyone would invite such people into his country beats wisdom. But President Tubuhaburwa Museveni has allowed the Somalis into Uganda. Those people are virtually impossible to get rid of once I get settle. There is a place in Kampala, which is colonized by them and is now exclusive to them. The place is in Kisenyi. Somalia are like Indians They do not easily interact with the locals.

I remember 2010 as a bad year for Uganda. Somalis, as Al Shabab, killed at least 74 anf injured 85 of our people in response to the NRM regime’s deployment of UPDF to Somalia. There was a lot of wailing in Kampala, as so many lost their dear ones while other were left injured, unexpectedly.

Guerillas anywhere in the world strike without warning, and usually at soft targets, with the aim of causing fear and arousing mistrust in the population against the powers that be. The Al Shabab expected Ugandans to become discontented enough to question the NRM regime’s decision to send UPDF to Somalia.

Since 1991, America’s CIA activities in Somalia have included funding anti-Islamist warlords. Claims are that CIA is using President against Islamist warlords However, during the reign of President Barrack Obama, there was talk of illegal CIA activities in Somalia. The area is also known to have extensive oil reserves, and may become a big exporter of oil soon.

The claims are that the NRM regime sent UPDF troops to Somalia to enforce a CIA mandate for the US after the US troops got a bloody nose at the hands of those Al-Shabaab Islamists. 18 American soldiers were killed and pulled through the streets of Somalia. The USA did not want to engage itself directly with the Islamist warlords.

According to the claims, the CIA identified President Tibuhaburwa Museveni of Uganda as a good ally to fight the proxy wars against the Islamists in Somalia and elsewhere where the USA used to send its own troops.

But there was also the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), a peace-keeping mission of the African Union, which was erected to help the Somalia UN-backed Government against the Islamists. President Tibuhaburwa Museveni was the first African ruler to send troops under AMISOM as well.

If money is paid to Uganda, it is paid from two sources: UN and AMISOM. Therefore, if our people have been dying in Somalia, or if they will die from radioactive pollution, it is not for Ugandan cause but for the cause of of others.
Radioactive does not kill immediately.

The atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945, and which effectively ended the 2nd World War, is still claimingng victims.

Even the deadly defoliant “agent orange ” of which millions of liters were sprayed all over Indochina during the Vietnam war is still claiming victims. The American troops were told that the chemical was harmless after a short time. Some Australian writer titled his book “Waiting For an Army to Die.” 45 years after the end of the war, Vietnam is still a country in perpetual devastation.

Cancers of every description are rampant everywhere you go. Stillbirths, children born with terrible deformities almost outnumber proper births. A friend of mine in a neighboring country reminded me of a deadly chemical that caused so many deformities in people – the infamous thalidomide of the 1960s, which was given to expectant mothers to help ward off nausea. The thalidomide syndrome was the result.

Back to the American troops. So many Vietnam veterans have succumbed to cancer that is believed to be directly related to agent orange that one of them once estimated that within another 20 years there will be no Vietnam veteran alive.

The most famous of the departed veterans are General Colin Powel, l who died last year, and the late Senator John McCain of Arizona who competed with Barack Obama for the President of USA . She was devastated when McCain died.

You never know our UPDF people may have been deployed in places in Somalia of high radioactivity without their knowledge and are in line for death from cancers later. Their children and children’s children are likely to be victims like those in Hiroshima cans Nagasaki who are sufferings so many years later.

Now President Tibuhaburwa Museveni has decided to go back to the Congo, ostensibly to fight ADF rebels, who apparently are also said to be Islamist warlords. If this is the reason, that would be a Ugandan cause. Rebels have caused a lot of havoc in Uganda and DRC.

However, some sources claim that the job of UPDF in DRC is to ensure that the natural resource ripoff being perpetrated by Corporate America continues unabated and without hindrance. The sources claim money is paid directly to offshore accounts while Kampala based Parliament is asked to make resources available to fight terrorists who are threatening Uganda from the Congo.

Unfortunately, a lot of secrecy surround our army’s operations in both Somalia and DRC. Since wars are not dancing Kwasakwasa, we must be losing our people in the two war theatres. We don’t know how many and we shall never know. Even Parliament, which releases money for the soldiers to fight terrorists, will never know.

How can it if it only learns of deployments after our sons and grandsons have been dispatched to the war theatres? Accountability for both men fallen in the wars and money expended in the wars, is not easy to comeby. It is slow murder for causes that are not necessarily ours. That is what proxy wars mean. Fighting and dying for others’ causes, not your own.

For God and My Country.

The Writer is a Ugandan Scientist and Environmentalist

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