Muhoozi’s Tweets and Actions These Days Keep People Guessing His Next Move


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President Museveni’s son Muhoozi Keinerugaba is on an unknown mission as we say this that has kept many Ugandans especially those in the political circles guessing what he is up to. Many have either been quick or right to say the MUHOOZI PROJECT must be germinating as foretold by the political prophets years back.

Over the last few weeks, the first son made a maiden appearance at the 5th Colonation of the Kyabazinga of Busoga that were held on 13th September at Butagaya grounds in Jinja district, he later attended the UPDF motor rally in Busiika.

As people kept wondering, Muhoozi Keinerugaba took to his tweeter handle and threatened whoever has plans of destabilizing Uganda that s/he will not survive, this sent many Ugandans in a guessing mode of why the first son has started speaking and acting like his father who has been in power for the last 33 years but he acts like he entered state house yesterday but one.

Few days ago Muhoozi Keinerugaba tweeted while praising his father, calling him as one of the five great African nationalists and also acknowledged that all UPDF officers hail him and respect him so much. The same day, Muhoozi gave the 2019 IAAF 10,000 meters champion Joshua Cheptegi UGX 100 million to facilitate the building of an athlete stadium in Kapchorwa.


This has no clear definition but it’s a process where Muhoozi Keinerugaba is believed to be going through t replace his father on the throne as Uganda’s president. Many have leaked information concerning this project the recent one being veteran journalist cum pastor Joseph Kabuleta though former Intelligence and Spy Boss General David Ssejusa revealed the same in 2013 and exiled himself to the UK.

The letter he leaked send the country in turmoil that saw many media houses like Daily Moitor, Red Pepper, KFM, Dembe FM, the then Juice FM censored for publishing information related to the Muhoozi project and he returned to the country in 2014.

The Tweets and actions by the first son if we are to go by them, they must be speaking a lot and sending a clear signal to those in the political corridors, the army and even in the ruling party. The first son has for so long been denying whenever he’s linked to any political game but after being promoted in the army to a rank next to his father, experts say, he’s ready to germinate in any land of Uganda given the political vacuum created by his father who is seeking to extend his rule in Uganda to 40 years since coming to power from 1986 to 2026.

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