Certified City Man Eater Zahara Toto Gifted with New Ride


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Zahara Toto With Her New Ride

This website can confirm that city gossip monger Zahara toto who hosts the un-censored, un-edited, un-apologetic show dubbed NBS un-cut has been gifted with a new posh ride with customized numbers in her names ZAHARA.

The motor mouthed TV show host recently landed a new Sudanese dude whom she has been displaying allover her social media and by the look of things, the endless nights of bonking marathons have yielded her big.

Word on street suggest that her big loaded dude gifted her with the posh ride which she didn’t wait to drop on her social media pages. As it’s always the case even to a mother who has given birth and no one minds of how she conceived, Zahara Toto’s fans fans are showering her with congratulation messages regardless of how she achieved this long time dream of a big ride.

We congratulate Zahara upon this achievement of getting rid of Kampala’s Bodaboda’s as she will be cruising in a Zahara customized posh car. When you see her around town congratulate her too.


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