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Relief As Kenya Permits Entry Of Ugandan Sugar Cane

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Sugar cane farmers have for long been lamenting and urging to the government to offer some protective measures to curb exploitation from the millers who set prices of their choice leaving the common farmer in tears.

The question of sugar cane especially in Busoga region had remained un-answered ever since government attempted to introduce the political sugar zoning bill that was met with resistance from the farmers.

Since most millers in this region have their own sugar cane, it has been a bone of contention of having the farmers contented with the prices the millers offer.

However, the good news is that the Kenyan government has granted permission to Ugandan sugarcane growers to export their produce to Busia Sugar Factory across the border.

Many out growers in Busoga Sub-region have been making losses since the millers in the area could not crash all the cane being produced.

The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), under the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Local Development, has issued a cane exportation permit to Musibi Farmers Limited based in Mayuge District.

The permit was issued on August 21 by Mr Simon Peter Muambi on behalf of KEPHIS. According to the six-month permit, Kenya has put stringent measures on the Ugandan cane such as being free from pests and diseases.

“The consignment (is) to be inspected on arrival and the importing authority reserves the right to treat, destroy or refuse importation,” the instructions on the permit read in part.

Kenyan authorities also require the exporting company to accompany the consignment with an inspection certificate issued by Uganda’s ministry of Agriculture.

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