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Don’t Open Your Legs for Visitors- Kadaga Cautions Parliamentary Staff

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

In what sound as a bizzare caution today afternoon, the speaker of parliament Rebecca Aitwala Kadaga has warned all female protocol officers against opening their legs for the common wealth delegates who are expecting in Uganda next week.

The speaker sounded this parental caution during the training of protocol officers who will welcome the delegates who are coming to attend the 64th parliamentary conference that brings over 500 parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and decision makers from across the common wealth member countries from 22nd this month to 24th.

She hinted on avoiding to sire children with foreigners which in return carry many responsibilities, regrets drawing examples from Tanzanian legislators who came to Uganda and left behind a flock of bastard children he sired with the ladies he slept on.

“When the Tanzanians stayed in this country, there was excitement and a number of children were born in this country, we know their mothers but we don’t know their fathers” Said Kadaga

Some Of The Trainees

“So, don’t take risks, don’t get involved with a man from Jamaica, when will you see him again? And for the Men, a woman from the pacific, how can you even reach there? So you must really be careful”

Kadaga also cautioned ladies against indecent dressing to preserve Ugandan culture, she also didn’t forget to caution the legislators and protocol staff from over eating, over drinking.

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