56-Year- Old Patient Dies After Jumping Off 8th Floor at Kiruddu Hospital


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Kiruddu Hospital- FILE PHOTO

In a quite terrifying occurrence, a patient at Kiruddu hospital committed suicide on Thursday evening after jumping from the 8th floor at 8:00pm and died instantly.

The 56-year-old who died was a regular patient of dialysis had been at the hospital for close to three weeks according to officials at the facility but police are still investigating circumstances that led to his suicide from a wheel chair where he was seated. He has been identified by police and health ministry as Musinzi Faustine a resident of Kisozi in Gomba district.

Emmanel Ainebyoona, the Senior Public Relations Officer at the ministry of health revealed to Media that Musinzi was admitted in a critical condition after missing some dialysis sessions before the admission.

This form of suicide last happened at Mabirizi plaza where a 20-year-old Kasule Mustafa man jumped off from the rooftop in an attempt to end his life and God saved him in September 2016 and was rushed to hospital, later got saved but latest information indicate that he has developed complications on his skull.

“We may lose him any moment from now”Mr James Elemi announced on 3rd September 2019, adding that the suicide jumper now suffers constant bleeding from his ears. Mr Mwebe a car diagnostic and repair expert located in Najjera, Kampala has been taking care of Kasule since the incident

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